ANY DVD Key Code

I Purchased AnyDVD and CloneDvd and I must have goofed. I have not got my key codes or I missed the place to download them. I have sent 4 emails to SlySoft asking how to get the key codes but I have not received an answer. Can anyone tell me how I can get the key codes or the link to where I can get them.

do you a spam blocker/folder?
check there first

Already checked there, but no answers to my emails. Thanks

do you still have the original emails from slysoft/element5 as your key will be in an attachment in there.

& wlecome to the forums :slight_smile:

I am usre SS will help you out very soon
they usually do
Do as BJ said and check your original e-mails and
maybe your delete box … just in case

I just recently bought Clonedvd mobile. The email with the purchase details made it through my spam filter but the 2nd mail with the key got sent straight to my spam box :confused:

Normally when you complete your purchase you are taken to a page to download your keys there and then.

The only other thing I can think of is to check to see if your card or whatever other payment method you used has been debited for the amount.

There has been the odd poster in the past who’s card wasn’t debited/authorized immediately and that was causing the problem

I agree with you here sometimes if there is no next page to say thank you and you can get your key here ect… then it didn’t go through.

This is a Slysoft support issue, there is noone here that can help you, except for the Tech Staff that sometimes read through these threads. Other than finding your Element 5 reciept or your original e-mail I can think of no way to help you. Sorry.:doh: