Any dvd just slowed read times in half

i recently tried the newest release of any dvd which didnt work for me, instantly after i installed it i notice my read times were at 2x where they are normally at 4x. I uninstalled the program, uninstalled the dvd roms and rebooted, same thing 2x. Im using a lg 4040b which in the past always read at 4x when i reinstalled the operating system, then slowed to 2x about 2 months later. I read in a thread that updating the firmware and setting the drive to dma and in the bios setting the drive to auto would fix it, and it did, it really read fast till i installed this anydvd program which has really p***ed me off. Could it have done something to the registry or something else? Im at a loss and these 1 hour read times are wearing thin on my patience, if anyone could steer me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

fixed it, for some reason, anydvd locked out the settings in the secondary ide controller to pio mode, so i uninstalled the secondary ide controller and reinstalled it, WHALLA!!! Got DMA 2 now. :smiley:

I rrrrrrrrreally doubt that AnyDVD is what caused the IDE controller to revert to PIO mode, but in any case, these links might help in the future:

DMA Reverts to PIO

IDE ATA and ATAPI Disks Use PIO Mode After Multiple Time-Out or CRC Errors Occur