Any DVD issues

hello, i am having a few difficuties using any dvd with clone dvd. i am unclear on what exactly the process is in order to back up my dvd’s. i keep receiving an error message with clone dvd after i use any dvd. if someone could please explain how this process works it would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance. this is the message in clone dvd that i am getting

DVDManager 0 Common 3 1 8

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Perchance you might find the AnyDVD-CloneDVD user tutorial helpful.

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yes i read that, and it basically left me pretty confused, although i understand how clone dvd operates, but i just can’t seem to use any dvd and clone dvd together to get my movies on to a dvd.

Make sure you have AnyDVD running…(little fox in the taskbar)
Once it’s running, it just runs in the background…no need to worry with it.
Desktop icon will launch it, or it will launch automatically at boot up if you have this option enabled. (settings/progam/autostart)
Right clicking the fox will bring up a menu selection, for settings etc., and within the menus, right clicking checkbox items will result in an explanation of their function.
After you insert a disk, an information box, giving disk info (title, protections present etc.) will pop up, (if you have show information checked in settings) , or you can access it by right clicking the fox/ left clicking show information. At this point you can close the information box (do not close AnyDVD) and proceed to CloneDVD2.

when ever i insert a dvd a window pops up but it has nothing to do with ANY DVD, it gives the option of play with the wmp, or real player, and the little fox is in the task bar.
and then whenever i open clone i keep getting the error message unable to read files from disc, make sure that all of the files are porperly mastered. i must be doin something wrong. i really don’t mean to keep bugging you guys, but i do appreciate all of your help. THANKYOU.

i just checked the version number i have would i possibly have to update ANYdvd?


WOW! very much so yes.

when did you buy anydvd? looks like forever ago! and you’re just now having problems?


this would normally happenas your drive has detected a disc in your drive and is giving you the option to choose what software you want to view the movie with. just click the cancel button then try clone. it maybe that until you cancel out of the autoplay screen that clone thinks some other program is accessing the dvd disc.

Good call bubbles.
I find it best to select, take no action, for all of my drives as the default setting, which eliminates a lot of software conflict problems. Not to mention the problems autorun can give with the wrong disk.
With this approach, you choose the program you want to use, either before or after disk insertion.

Have AnyDVD running in background.
Load CloneDVD2.
Insert original DVD movie into reader.

Using the above steps, auto-play has been temporarily suspended. No need to cancel screens … you can immedialtely begin selecting your CloneDVD2 options.

thanks guys for all of your help, i really do appreciate it. i finnaly got it working again.

For the benefit of the forum, can you please advise how you got it working again, so others may learn.