Any DVD issue vs Vista Ultimate RTM (v6.6000)



I’ve been testing Vista RTM for work (v6 build 6000 64-bit) and have finally hit an issue I cannot get around with AnyDVD as the culprit.

Its been a long time since I’ve used the App (as a trial) so I thought I’d download the current version when I read:

Unfortunately this is not the case. After install and reboot AnyDVD advised that “No DVD drive was detected”.

Yes I own one (BENQ DW1650)
Yes I rebooted
Yes I uninstalled and re-installed it (reboots inclusive)

According to Windows Explorer I dont have a DVD Drive when AnyDVD is installed. I also run Daemon Tools and those drives (2 Virtuals) were gone also. When i checked the device manager all 3 drives had the exclamation mark of death saying no drivers were installed - no matter what i did nothing worked aside uninstalling AnyDVD Rebooting and low and behold the drive is back.

Uninstalled Daemon Tools - Failed
Re-installed Any-DVD after removing Daemon Tools - Failed
Uninstalled devices and rebooted - Failed
Dicked around with the Device Manager - Failed
Drive detected in BIOS

So now I’m at a loss but most definately cannot get AnyDVD to work with Vista RTM v6 build 6000 in 64-bit.


hi pollushon, long shot, but can you try this betta version


Thanks Bj, I’ve downloaded it and thrown it on my flashdrive. Will let you know how it goes.


I believe Daemon Tools is the problem, it probably doesn’t have signed drivers, and maybe the uninstall didn’t work.


I would also check for updated ATA/ide drivers from your motherboard’s website.


You sir are a genius. I simply removed the built ins Vista included from my Secondary IDE Channel - and rolled back to M$ Generics with

We have a winner.


You might want to read this:


Cheers Tru. Sadly I booted up this morning after having it working last night the issue has returned. I am now having problems getting the DVD Device being recognised even after rolling back to the same Drivers. Time for a re-image me thinks.


Before you re-image, I suggest you do what Tru indicates and try Anydvd

You will need to reboot after installing. This version addresses a specific issue with Vista.


I would normallly agree but there is not point installing AnyDVD if I cannot get my Drives Recognised. Its only 16 minutes to slap an image back on it.


Heck it’s not recognizing your drive might as well try the beta that Tru posted as this may correct it. If we had access to the RTM version then there would be more active parties trouble shooting but this isn’t for everyone. I know that it doesn’t go on sale retailed till after the 31st of this month. Maybe then the little things can get recognized and fixed.


Actually I’ve had Vista RTM (installed as x64) since November for thorough GP testing using Server 2K3. I wanted to try AnyDVD out of my own curiosity as my official testing is now complete (and my NDA has ended).

Because I’ve bullocked this install I’d rather try the beta on a fresh image.



  1. Fresh Image installed (Daemon Tools was included on the image).
  2. Changed The Secondary ATA Controller from the Intel 82801 GB/GR/GH (ICH7 Family) to a generic Standard Dual Channel PCI Controller.
  3. Changed The ATA Channel 1 Controller Driver (the one the device was on) to a Standard Dual Channel PCI Controller.
  4. Rebooted
  5. Installed AnyDVD
  6. Rebooted
  7. Successful

So far after many reboots and using the app numerous times it has been fine.

If Slysoft are after any error reports or system data please let me know as I have backed it all up from my previous image. I would dare say it is of no use as most of the issues I had were probably a direct result of my own testing.

Thanks all