Any dvd hd blu-ray

I want to try the new anydvd hd bluray but when I d/l it I get the same version i already own a lifetime key for anydvd not hd not bluray I want to try this before I buy it I am sure I will buy it as I own the whole product line just got a blu-ray by lg and want to use it but my monitor is not hdcp this says I wont need hdcp monitor for it to work if this is true I will save hundreds on a new monitor of the size I already have how do I get a real hd copy to try do I have to uninstall my existing version of any dvd to get hd blu-ray anxiously awaiting your reply

I would go to and ask one of the mods there. For the record, I have AnyDVDHD and just bought a Pioneer bdr-205 bluray burner and everything works great. Just burned Star Trek to a standard Verb DL disc (called BD9 when you burn a BD file to it) with the free BDRebuilder and it looks great. You can get away with a cheaper bluray reader and burn the BD file with a regular DVD burner to a DVD5 (BD5) or DVD( (BD9) disc. You don’t need to spend money on blank bluray media.

If you have a registered version on your computer already you are not able to try the AnyDVD HD unless you remove AnyDVD and all registration from your computer. Another thing if you used up the 21 day free trial already then you will not be able to use it as well. I think the only way to try it is to spend the money and upgrade it but it is worth the money as it works perfectly from wha I have read