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Does Decrypter take care of the Sony ArcoSS bad sector problems?

what did you burn them with? Clone or what ?

Download AnyDVD after three long weeks of researching every board forum, every ripping program.

I use DVDXCOPY Platinum…

Burned House of Flying daggers with no problems…

XCOPY still lives… I found extensive install instructions for this from some guy named MAD BOB…

If anyone wants them send me an email.

I just bought Any DVD and when I tried to download it, I got a message that Windows doesn’t recognize the file. I was given the choice of going online to find the file that created the program, or choosing from a list. I can’t do anything until I download the file, but I’m stuck… can I get some help…thx.

You need to install the demo version first before trying to register it.
See the faq on

Guys,Guys I just found out after long time!!The best thing is “Any DVD” with “Clone DVD2” To burn or better said Clone DVDs!!Forget Shrink or DVD Decrypter,because with this two you will burn DVD-Movies easy as drinking you Coffee!!Have a nice day

I’m still new to making DVDs but for AnyDVD, do I have to buy a new key for each version I get? I bought a key/license for AnyDVD 4.something. I didn’t change any setting and it’s all default. Everytime I start my comp I get a window asking if I want AnyDVD to check for a newer version. I’ve always declined until yesterday when I tried to backup my Hitch DVD. So I said yes on the popup and it took me back to Slysoft’s site. It said that upgrading required dl’ing the newer version (which is 5.something). I did that and now I got kicked back to a 21 day trial.

Are licenses restricted to version numbers? (ie if you bought a license for 4.something it won’t work for 5.something and higher versions?)

as far as i can see on slysofts site the license isnt version restricted,keep in mind many softwares keep registration info in the registry and when you uninstall a program that keeps its registration info in the registry it will likely be deleted,re-apply your license key it should work just fine,and if you dislike the autoupdate check just disable it from anydvd options its very likely that there is such an option

If you have purchased Anydvd, then all you need to do is download the newer version on top of the current version. Your license key will still be valid. I believe Anydvd has unlimited updates.

I believe that:
ANYDvD is a true SlySoft product, while CloneDvD and CloneCD are originally products of Elby in Switzerland. ANYDvD when purchased directly from SlySoft (in Antigua) carrys a perpetual license. Slysoft acquired CloneDvD and CloneCD from Elby (don’t know when, but at least a year-ago.) If you purchased either from Elby, the products will probably expire, but PURCHASE THEM FROM Slysoft and the licenses are perpetual. I got this directly from Slysoft. The products are so fantastic that I will likely send some more $$$ in November, when the first year is up. Always upgrade versions when notified, as that is the only way to keep up with changes to copy protection. As soon as SlySoft discovers some new copy protection scheme, an upgrade to ANYDvD will be forthcoming shortly.
73 from LOOPDOC - out

If you look on you will see the only product that elaborate bytes now sell if CloneDVD2 - due to new european laws CloneCD went over to Slysoft. Olli the original writer of CloneCD has previously stated that as of yet Elby have never charged to update CloneDVD2 after 1 year -but they keep that option for future developments - if you look on the Slysoft web site, they also state that your CloneDVD2 update is only good for one year. I am sure there are many members on here that have had CloneDVD2 for over a year and never had to pay anything extra.

do you need to purchase more than one key to opperate more than one program. I have a laptop and desktop and I want to be able to run program on both

Yes, I’m one. They haven’t updated for a month or so, but it’s been well over a year since I bought it and haven’t been refused an update from Elby (yet). Bought AnyDVD from Slysoft. :iagree:

I would imagine that if you intend to use both at the same time you would need 2 licences. Normally though most licences state that you can have it installed on more than one machine as long as you only use one at a time (i.e. 1 version on a machine at work, 1 version on a machine at home)

Is this beta version a 21 days trial version?

is there a user guide somewhere on the web as how to use ANYDVD … i just downloaded it and have no clue how to use it…

See the little red fox in your task bar? If yes - all is well. Click on it, then “Help”.

Ok… please forgive me for being “dumb”… How do I copy a DVD with ANYDVD… the fox is red… my usual proccess is using DVD Decrypte or DVD FabExpress …then DVDShrink to compress and then Nero to burn… i am having a problem with Madagascar and thought i would try ANYDVD … do i just turn on nero and burn or copy dvd… there is no instructions in the help file of anydvd that tells me what to do next… just that it is running the background…

Use DVDShrink or elby CloneDVD to copy it. No further action is required.

you don’t copy a movie with anydvd. anydvd takes away the encryption in the background so you can use any program you want to copy it. if you have anydvd running it just makes whatever you’d normally do actually work. i use anydvd with dvdshrink but you can use any or all of the programs you listed although all that’s really necessary is a program that will copy the files (even windows explorer will do once anydvd is running in the background)

i believe madagascar has something fish about it. people have sent the ifos to slysoft, but in the meanwhile, check out this thread that addresses madagascar:

there’s somewhat of a workaround towards the bottom of that thread until slysoft figures out what’s going on.