Any DVD for my Spare PC?



Clone for my Spare PC?

Can I download my PAID version of Any DVD for my spare PC without buying another copy? And if so how do I do it?



As I commented in your duplicate posting in the CloneDVD Forum suggest taking the time read and the Forum Rules ( and when doing so note the comments concerning Double Posting. Posting virtually the same posting in both the AnyDVD and CloneDVD Forums is not in compliance with the Forum Rules.

Suggest viewing your duplicate posting in the CloneDVD Forum for the answer to your inquiry.

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Im sorry,
I thought that as both prog’s Any DVD & Clone DVD are not the same, they may have different rules regarding copying over to a spare pc. That was the reason for asking a similar question, one under the heading of Clone the other under the heading of Any DVD. :confused: I thought I was doing the correct thing :frowning:


Check the licence agreement, do they licence per user or per machine? Drop slysoft an email if you are concerned.


You are allowed to install AnyDVD on any PC you own, as long as you only run one copy at the same time (e.g., installing on your Desktop PC and on your Laptop is fine).

P.S: The same is true for CloneCD and CloneDVD.


So do you mean I can be doing a backup on both the pc’s at the same time or not?



Perchance did you actually read SlySoft’s comment in posting #5?

You can install a copy AnyDVD and CloneDVD on two different computers but are only allowed to actively use only one copy at a time. You [B][U]CANNOT[/U][/B] use two copies of AnyDVD – CloneDVD at the same time.

Is that really that difficult to understand?

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And do we know why you cant run the (two) at the same time? What are those reasons, is the system going to BLOW UP :a :confused:


Slysoft has given you a very reasonable and liberal response to your question. Why would you want to continue poking at this?


Im not poking Im asking what is the BIG secret!


Yes, both systems will explode and your brain will splat on the wall. :wink:
Seriously: Read the response from SlySoft. Then read it again carefully. All is said there.


sorry i dont see the answer there!



  1. YES you can download another copy for your spare PC. (see slysoft site for download instructions)
  2. After installing it on your spare PC copy your licence key over to your spare PC
  3. Double-click your licence key (this will install it/register anydvd on that pc)
  4. Run program (only if your main pc isnt running anydvd - and vice versa)

Slysoft have very kindly allowed you (through the licence agreement) to have anydvd installed on different PC’s YOU OWN however ask that you ONLY RUN ONE copy of anydvd at a time.

eg. You will breach your licence if you run anydvd on your main pc and spare PC simultaniously. If you want to run anydvd on your SPARE pc AND your MAIN pc simultaniously - you need to BUY ANOTHER LICENCE.

eg. You can run anydvd on your spare pc, so long as your main pc isnt running anydvd (ie. turned off, or youve told anydvd to exit). You can run anydvd on your main pc, so lons as your spare pc isnt running anydvd (ie. turned off, or youve told anydvd to exit)

Pretty simple stuff…



Thanks Bitey for a full explanation :clap:


Anydvd make a license check in the internet if you have both computer running AnyDVd and are connected then they will think that they are ilegal copies