Any DVD disabled

Any DVD says that it is disabled for drive f. Why would it be disabled for one of my drives? And what do I do about it?

Right click on the AnyDvd Red Fox icon on the Task Bar. Left click Settings. Right click Selection in the Drives key, in the new window which will be presented. Chrck all the drives in the right pane.


Right click on the AnyDVD icon on your taskbar.Go to “Drives” then “Selection”. It should have your optical drives listed. Make sure they are checked. Click OK.

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Reboot your PC after installing an update from SlySoft, the drive should come back alive after that.

Ok, I rebooted, and I right clicked on the red fox. It still says it’s disabled. And when I go to selections it shows that both of them are check marked.

Any issues appearing in Device Manager?

Sorry, your going to have to help me with that one. Device manager? How do I find it and what issues am I looking for?

For XP, Right click on my computer > properties > hardware > device manager.

You are looking for yellow “?”'s or “!”'s at your burner…an error code would help tremendously.

I see nothing in my device manager. No “?” or “!”. No error code.

Right click on the AnyDVD icon and click enable. Are you using the trial version or the pail full version?

It is the paid version. And it is enabled.

do you have the jumper set correctly for it? (master/slave)

Sorry not sure what that means.

here is a picture and how to of what i’m talking about.

Thanks, but, I know nothing about getting into a computer. And this is a brand new computer so I really don’t want to mess it up. Isn’t there an easier way? And would that make it so one drive is disabled?

[B]first what is drive f?[/B] and save your key for all the slysoft/elby programs on something else then your computer…(like the email says a hundred times).will drive f play a dvd and/or cd? if yes, then uninstall anydvd reboot then install anydvd reboot and see if drive f is in anydvd.

Its unlikely, but have you changed any drive letters on your system. I know on mine if I change the letter of a drive, Anydvd will not recognise it!

Is your F: drive a DVD-RW drive or a CD-ROM drive? What does the box say? My HP desktop originally came with a DVD-RW for E: and CD-ROM for F:

Or look at the front bezel of the drive itself. Does it have any kind of DVD logo on it?