"Any Dvd, Decrypter and 1 Click dvd copy, dvd shrink?



I thought that I should do a separate post on these topics.

First I have been doing burn on the fly with my external BenQ 162I with 1 Click dvd copy and formerly with dvd 43; however I have tossed that latter program out as it was no longer working and am now using “any dvd”.

These are exact copies that I am doing with 1 Click.
My first question is in respect of “any dvd”. While the dvd 43 icon in the task bar used to change from a yellow smile, to a red devil and then a green smile after one placed the source disk in my burner; then I knew when the green smile appeared that the decryption was working. (but as i said previous it simply quit functioning, thus I am now using “any dvd”.

Now I have the icon for “any dvd” in the task bar but how do I know if it is working or not. i do understand from the reading that it works in the background, however I thought like dvd 43 free that there must be a way to find out if it is working. Also, when I hover my cursor over the icon in the task bar when I have my purchased disk in the BenQ which I use as my source and destination; the information that is shown is “Any dvd” and “On” 1 " “Off” 0 and "Empty “2”. I don’t understand this jargon.
Also is there a place where I can read about settings on this app??? Or maybe “any dvd” is not that complicated. I went through what was already set up and it seemed logical, it just puzzles me as to whether it is doing decrypting as the icon does not change or seem to do anything in the task bar tray.
Now onto the next.

Last night I used Dvd Shrink for the first time and now on my hard drive is a music dvd in a folder.
Do I have to use decrypter as the burner program for this and not 1 click dvd copy?
I am so new to all of this; if I can use 1 Click, how do I access the file on my hard drive as my choices for source and destination in 1 Click Copy are my External BenQ and my Toshiba notebook drive.

Since in burning on the fly I only do exact backup copies as they fit on the 4.75 disk, I am confused as to what I have to do to copy the music dvd from my hard drive.
Do these dvd shrink programs require only Decrypter or Nero and Not 1 Click?

i have Nero Express on my notebook, only because it came with the BenQ, however I don’t use it. I had a horrible time with the INCD which I finally got rid of and even that was a challenge. It was causing me problems and I am not really a Nero fan and thus that is why I use 1 Click and Windows Media Player for CD copy to copy.
I watch my dvd’s on the notebook via Intervideo and that is fine for me as I only use it to check my burned copy before I watch it on my Standalone Toshiba player.

i want to get quality dvd’s from dvd shrink and I know that I need a burner program to get that as I have been doing some reading, but being a Noob I thought I should post here to find out what exactly is the best way to deal with Dvd Shrink files on the hard drive in terms of burning them??

is this assumption correct…I should use 1 click dvd copy for “copy to copy” burning with “any dvd”? And again how do I know “any dvd” is functioning??

Then I need to learn how to do the settings for Dvd shrink and then use Decrypter which I will have to download for these longer dvd’s??
BTW what is the maximum length for a dvd that the Shrink program can quality burn? Are the default settings sufficient for this? last night the Music dvd that I did via Shrink that is now on my HD is 1 hr 30 minutes.

If these assumptions are correct then I need to have these 2 processes to do a copy to copy and a copy that is longer needs Shrink and Decrypter???

i hope that I am making myself clear in what I am saying. I posted these together so that i could get it straight in my mind what I have to do for these 2 situations, “copy to copy” and “Shrink and burn a Longer dvd”.

i have been trying to do reading on Shrink so that I can get my settings right and i don’t want to be fiddling with compression as at this moment I don’t understand that and I will likely mess something up if I attempt useage and so that is why I hope that I can rely on the default settings.
If i have to use Decrypter are the default settings ok to use or are there options there that I must adjust??

:bow: Thanking you in advance.


First, you’ll see if anydvd is workin, is exactly that what you said with 1=on and
0=off, it means when you see 1 anydvd is in the background activated.
With Dvddecrypter you could burn only if you’ve an iso file, you can select in
dvdshrink as output ISO image, if your files are in a video_ts folder, you can
burn them with neroexpress per drag&drop for example. Further settings,
guides and tutorials, you can find Here also on this
site you can find lots of stuff about that videohelp.com and for Anydvd, do you
had a look on Slysofts website?


Stay away from 1 Click DVD, i have nothing but problems and their tech support has been a joke thus far. It’s an easy software to use, but ticked off with their tech support not helping me out with the probems in which i have been having.