ANY DVD Copies DVD ok But Fails When burning?

I used ‘AnyDVD Ripper’ to make a back up copy of my DVD. I played it and it played very smoothly and quickly. So i have a fully working copy of my DVD (DVD Folder, VIDEO_TS).

But when i burned it, it would play on a certain part & freeze, lock up. I made 5 identical burns ALL resulting in the same problem. Frezzing at the same part.

I used 2 burning programs, CLONE DVD, which burns unprotected DVD FOLDERS & A Shampoo Burning Studio.

So basically it fails when burns. PLease can u solve this ur recommend another burning program?

Much appreciated.

Sam 8)

Try to answer all this for us please.

I have looked at the thread, and check list, only thing, please i need an update.

I use the following BLANK MEDIA:

Datawrite ‘Dual Layer(8x) DVD+R’

Datawrite DVD+R Dual Layer 8.5 GB 2.4x

Bulkpaq Dual Layer(2.4x) DVD+R

Please tell me if these are good media? Or if not can u please recommend?

Sam 8)

Crap, crap and crap. Only use Verbatim +R DL for dual layer backups. And burn with ImgBurn.

Very Much appreciated Linx05

Sam 8)

No problem. Guides for ImgBurn are on their forum. Happy burning!