Any DVD cases that hold 4 out there?

I have been searching online, but can only find black DVD cases that hold 1 or 2 DVDs. Has anyone ever seen a case that holds 4? It would probably be normal sized and have 2 in each inside and then an extra flap in the middle that holds 2 more…

The jewel cases are the only ones I’ve seen. had a nice looking collection at great prices.

Only down side was shipping cost was very high ($20 for a $40 order).

If in the UK SVP have those.

Try here:

They have a wide variety of cases. Have never ordered from them though, but have heard good things.

What’s up with every site requiring $10+ for the cheapest ground shipping these days? I don’t remember it being that high in the past.


maybe the gasoline price for delivery? They need a extra $5 for that… :wink:

But to your question: I you were in germany try Müller&Rösch. You can get there video dvd boxes from 1 up to 6!!! discs in one case. The prices are (if you buy 100 anthrazit colored of them):

1 disc: EUR 25,90
2 discs: EUR 29,90
3 discs: EUR 49,90
4 discs: EUR 59,90
6 discs: EUR 89,90

They have anthrazit and crystal (a little more expensive) versions of them. I buy always 100 2disc boxes, 10 3disc and 10 4disc boxes at once (and some cheap dvd spindles too… :slight_smile: ).


Gerd in Canada… They have 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 disk DVD Cases…