Any DVD burner that is also good CD burner?

the cd burner in my laptop has finally died so i decided its time to get a dvd burner, but i’d also like to be able to burn cds so i can listen to music in my car.

i’ve read some reviews stating that newer dvd drives aren’t up to par in terms of cd burning quality like the lite-on 1673 and the NEC 3520A (those are the 2 i’m looking at right now), i don’t need speed and i’m going to be putting them in an usb 2.0 external enclosure but i need reliability. Anyone have experience with this?

I have had no trouble with any of my drives. If I were to choose between the two you mention I would go with the NEC. If you plan to burn at any speed faster than 8X (DVD) you need to go firwire with a Prolific chip. If you go USB, then you might want to spend the few bucks extra so you can add firewire later.

This case has served others well:

If you want good CD burning, don’t go with the Liteon. They really mucked up the CD-R burning in their latest burners.

For the NEC, you may need to reduce burning speed for stable burns on “not great” media. (since it uses the same chipset as the Pioneer 108, and some disks give me problems at 32speed, there is a chance you will see it too)

I have had no problems so far with the CD burning of my Benq 1620.

NEC and Pioneer do not use the same chipset. Pioneer uses an NEC branded chip in some of their drives. This is not the same.

True, thats why I said there was a chance … in fact, I would say a very slim chance since I was using very cheap CMC media, and there are a lot of other factors to consider.

Sorry if I appeared to be scare-mongering :slight_smile: