Any DVD/BD equivalent to CD-R900?

As CD-R’s got denser, the high capacity versions grew from 650MB up to 900MB.
CDrw grew from 650MB to 700MB.

Is there any equivalent to the high density discs for DVD, HD’DVD or BD?

Update: I don’t mind LQ/CQ (low/crappy quality) media. It just needs to work good enough to be readable for a while.

AFAIK, there were two types of officially released higher capacity DVDRs:

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Is there any dual layer version?
Combined with an Optiarc burner, one could maybe squish up to 9GB of data onto one universally compatible disc. (DVD has adapted much better than BD).

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Now, I can finally burn the last margin of 50MB of CentOS-7-x86_64-Everything-1708.iso.
I burn multiple Linux images.
Mint fits onto DVD 8cm DL.
UbuntuStudio and SUSE fit onto a BD-R 8cm.

Why isn’t the high density variant standard?