Any DVD + Arccos Copy Protection + LG Burners 4120 4160 4163


is it possible with anydvd (+ clone DVD f.e.) to rip the
following german titles (Arccos Protection)

Die Augsburger Puppenkiste DVD´s (Kauf)
(außer “Der Löwe ist los”)
The Missing (Videothek)
Gothika (Videothek)
Eiskalte Engel 3 (Videothek)
Der 8. Grad (Videothek)
Walking Tall (Videothek)

with some LG Burners
like LG 4120, 4160 and the new one 4163.

I ask this question specially for LG Burners because
of a threat in an other forum. Someone said, that an older
LG4082 can’t detect the “Augsburger Puppenkiste” as
So i want to find out if LG Burners have a generel
Problem with the ARCCOS Copy Protection.
I hope not, because i want to buy one.


Don’t know the answer, but “Augsburger Puppenkiste” is not protected with Sony ArccoS. Nobody knew the real name of the protection (if there is one), so it was named “Augsburger Puppet Lock”.
ArccoS and puppet lock protections (there are several versions of both of them) are quite different, e.g. puppet lock has one or more visible “rings” while ArccoS doesn’t.
I doubt that LG burners do not accept puppet lock or ArccoS protected discs, but I haven’t tried this myself.

with plexor px 116 a it works (der 8. grad, the missing, gothica tested)

Of course. LG and AnyDVD is the best combo you can have!
LG is cheap but good!!! Well, it’s cheap now used to be more pricey but as technology
advance to bluegray and stuff dvd burners get better and cheaper.
I’m about to get me the new 16x dvd-r with double layer feature from LG. the way to go. don’t waste your money on a plextor!! MO

I’m about to get me the new 16x dvd-r with double layer feature from LG. the way to go. don’t waste your money on a plextor!! MO

lol, buying a Plextor is not a waste of money! !

well, if you want true quality, you DO buy an Plextor. I am NOT saying that LG nor any other burner is poor, but PLextor is best quality.

Laugh at yourself. My inlaws brandnew plextor px708a went dead - after around 5 sessions they even used it. plextor sucks. Have you tried the tech support via phone?
Well, bring some time. Never got through for days and days. Finally a rude tech called me back to do some tests, just if I don’t know what I’m saying. If a burner doesnt burn anymore than it’s dead to me, he didn’t get it.
well, buy what you want and go after the great reviews they ALWAYS get, never impressed me a bit one of those drives.

lol, sorry to hear you had a bad time with a customer service rep., but they have pretty good Tech Support.

5 sessions, that sounds like a RMA to me, thats why they have the RMA system set-up, you have to admit not every thing in life is perfect.

olmari wrote:

NOT saying that LG nor any other burner is poor, but PLextor is best quality

My 708A has burnt alot of movies and the quality is top notch as well as my 712A… I even still have and use my Plexwriter 8/4/32, had it for years…

I do run a Scans on my Disk, I have seen some reviews on the LG with the scans no being Top Notch


Actually I did need to use their service… My Premium went dead after thunderlight… I just filled RMA form in internet and in 15 minutes I got reply mail and in 2 hours(!!!) delivery guy picked my drive up and after few days Ihe bring me brand new drive. But I don’t know about Plextor America and Plextor Europe, they might be whole diffirent story alltogether with service.

I ain’t saying that Plextors doesn’t breaks up, EVERY single mark/model has allways some faulty unit. It is the service what counts much in there… And it seems that you didn’t get good service, which is really annoying. But you have to admit that you could just be the unlucky one that got that monday-piece? Did you ever got it replaced?

@NiTCOM, you may be interested to know that there are many threads on this very board dealing with faults with LG drives. Personally, I won’t touch them again, but of course each to their own.

There are also many who swear by Pioneers, NECs & LITE-ONs, which are very competitively priced. BTW, I currently own a Pioneer, but plan to buy an NEC for my next one (want bit-setting !!).

I guess the Bit setting option with Plextor just cost to much money? :wink:

I just don’t think it’s worth it to buy expensive burner anyway for just one reason because the technology ADVANCES so fast. I bought my last LG X8 for around $130 and now I can get a X16 for $70.

It just a matter of time when they have reached the end of the line (x32?) and bring out the first blue ray or whatever burners.

Just my .02

Then you can’t never buy even computer… With that logic there is no point buy any computer part today as tomorrow you can get better and cheaper…

I don’t buy computers. I might upgrade the CPU or Motherboard.
There are slowly changes their. How long did it take for PCI express
to get implemented? No you can’t compare that really.

Then WHERE to compare that PCI-E? To AGP? To AGP 8x? to AGP 2x? to PCI? to 64-bit PCI? to EISA? to ISA? If compared to pretty much latest invention it is AGP 8X, which hasn’t been around than few years most. DVD’s has been available much longer than that… if compared to ISA, those are been available something since early 1980’s, CD’s are about the same. All things depends where to compare. CPUs has changed like rocket compared to say memory or bustypes. Socket 5, socket 7, slot 1, slot A, socket 939, etcetc so you change CPU+motherboard (and memory too sometimes) combination far often than new type optical drive :wink:

I have the Plextor 712A and NEC 3500A. The NEC definitely is the better buy. Other mfrs are catching up to Plextor in qualilty and features.

I’m still using my 600 MHz PIII to backup movies. The average processing time is 30 minutes. A top of the line PC can do it in 15. Different stokes for different folks.

I guess if you are going to compare a 12X to 16X and SL to DL, I guess it would be a better buy…

I would still get the 712A :iagree:

I don’t use DL. No need to burn faster than 4x. If both drive cost the same, then I would also go with the 712A. It’s a faster ripper.

Well I must say you are doing a good job with that PIII 600, I believe the minimum states PIII 800 for the 712A and I don’t believe that have a minimum for the NEC

Well, those minimum requirements doesn’t kinda mean anything. Only thing where it affects is speed of general processing, say you build DVD from divx or so, that takes time, but burning itself can be done just about any computer supporting some sort of DMA transfer.