Any Dvd and Nero Smart Start or Clone Dvd?

Hi, I presently use Any Dvd and Nero Smart Start along with Dvd Shrink. I have been reading a little about Sly’s Clone Dvd software and wondered how it compared to Nero which came with my External BenQ burner and I have been using and have been satisfied with.

I just wondered what the major differences between Nero and Clone Dvd would be. I guess the Pro’s and Con’s of the programs.

I don’t have InCd installed, I didn’t like it and I didn’t need it and it took me a heck of a time to get it uninstalled and so I had my techie do it and do a Reg Supreme to make sure there were no left overs.

When I simply do a copy to copy, I purchased 1 Click Dvd at the recommendation of a neighbour and my backups have turned out fine.

I would appreciate comments.

Nero wont shrink a DvD9 to DvD5. You will need to install NeroVision Express and use Recode to do that. Run AnyDvD in background

Does anybody know if the disks included with benq’s have a full ver of nero vission express? I have two oem nero disks that came with two burners. One says special version that does not support svcd and dvd video for nerovision express and shotime, but the other has a full ver of nerovision express if I am not mistaken. His oem disk might have it.

Hey ripit… I’m not 100% positive but I don’t think that the OEM versions are full. At least the ones I’ve seen are not.


I just checked my oem version and it dose have nerovision express 3 on it :slight_smile:

I know thier are diffrent oem versions as I have two diffrent ones, and I know one of the ones that I have can do most of what the full retail version does, but I think you are right that even the more capable versions are still a little stripped down from the full retail version.
If you click smart start and click the little triangle on the left edge (I didn’t even know it was thier for a while), you can see what programs yours has. They may be full capable versions or limited versions of the various programs too.

Hey ripit… Here’s the list in order of Applications from my full version of Nero 6. This was just updated 2 days ago. This way you can compare for yourself.:bigsmile:

  1. Nero Burning Rom
  2. Nero Express
  3. Nero Vision Express
  4. Nero Back It Up
  5. Nero Cover Designer
  6. Nero Wave Editor
  7. Nero Sound Trax
  8. Nero Show Time
  9. Nero Media Home
  10. Nero Recode
  11. Nero Mix
  12. PhotoSnap
  13. Nero PhotoSnap Viewer
  14. Nero Image Drive
  15. Media Player
    And that’s it. A lot of new crap that I don’t know what it’s about yet. Haven’t had the time to play with it all. But this is what I’ve got for a full version. Now you can see how it compares to your OEM’s.

I think it depends on what suite you have, suite 1 or suite 3

@sportfish, thats about what I have (I have the full retail version installed plus I have two oem disks that I got later). On the oem one says suite one but the other doesn’t say what suite it is (and oddly enough doesen’t have a serial number either, so it may be hardware locked to that particular drive).

Hey ripit… No serial number or key = no dice!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

I cannot check to see if it will install completlly without messing up my full install(went part way through though). It only has nero express, nerovision express, nero media player, incd, and easy write reader. I have heard of copys of nero that do not require a serial number but they check to see if the specific brand of burner they are sold with are present in the system. If it is not, they will not function. Even if you install and it works, if you remove the burner, it will quit working. I can only guess that might be what this is?

My Burner specific version of Nero, didn’t have a cd key anywhere visible, but when I went to upgrade, it automatically entered in the key where it was needed. If you need to find your key for a specific software, run belaric advisor.

When I started to install the one I have, it automatically came up with a serial number but I didn’t know if that was from the disk or from the install on my computer. Looking at the serials on my computer though, they are diffrent so it did come up with it’s own serial number off the disk.

I emailed nero (finally got a response back) and they implied that oem’s can include whatever they want, so I’m guessing that they are custom and might all be diffrent. They can include whatever programs they wish to pay for.

Hey ripit… That sounds pretty typical.