Any dvd and I Copy DVDs 2



I have been using anydvd and I copy DVDs 2 for several week now with no problems. now anydvd is not decrypting. Anybody got any ideas?


have you made sure its enabled?


Is the “Fox” in the tool bar? Does it give you an info report? Is you disc recognized?


it is. nothing has changed. i just went to copy a dvd and it would not decrypt.


is the fox red?


yep. Everything shows that it should decrypt but it won’t. Don’t really know what happened.


what are you trying to decrypt?


Disable Safe Mode in AnyDVD settings.


I spent mucho denero trying to copy CDs and it was all corporate crapware that doesn’t work. Then I found a strange little site that asked for a 5 buck “donation” and they provided some software that actually does the job … not sure where that donation’s going, but don’t really care, because now I can finally deliver a little payback to Netflix for sitting on my movies.

Link deleted and user Banned for spamming. by alan 1476

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Anna Girl, you’ve just been ripped off. From the screenshots, the programs is DVD Shrink, which you can get from a many number of sites. DVD Shrink won’t be able to back up Netflix movies (piracy) anyway.

Or are we a spammer?


This is sad. The screenshots are for DVD Shrink and you paid for this?

The info on the site is even lame

For a modest $5 donation, we’ll provide you a link to a freeware converter that will automatically remove copy-protection DVD copy protection.

Can we say scam? They’re making money just giving a link to download free software that any person with access to Google could get for free.

Truly truly sad.


Well said disreguard this site it is a scam. :cop: :iagree:


if you look at anna’s other posts you’ll see that anna is the scammer pimping that lame site.