Any dvd and dvd shrink



hi all

i was advised to try out any dvd and dvd shrink for my dvd backup needs but im a lil confused as to how any dvd actualy works and what i actualy need to do to correctley back up my dvds using anydvd and dvd shrink


well i’m getting off soon, but i’ll quickly see wat i can do…

  1. Dont’ need AnyDVD, dvdshrink can already backup copy-protected dvd’s

  2. To backup up a DVD, you will need to so called “shrink” the dvd, unless if u r using dvd-9 discs (dual-layer), dvd shrink will help you to do this…

  3. I would suggest going to, as they have many guide’s on how to use this. I personally have made my own guide, which involves a tools, used with dvd shrink, but I think that wouldn’t be a good starting point for you until you know the basics…juz try that site!


DVDShrink is a great free software, but unfortunately its development is stopped (last version 3.2 was published in July 2004). Practically it means that Shrink will deal successfully with older copy-prtection and can shrink the content to the relevant size as well as burn it with the help of Nero (for instance).
So, you need AnyDVD (newest ver. for the newer copy-protection methods.
One of the best “kits” for backup is AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (