I downlded AnyDVD (Fox is in the Task Bar). I downloded CLONE DVD2 2.8.02. I put DVD (The Blues Bros.) in my DVD E: Drive. Click Copy DVD Titles. Hit next. DVD Files I brose and find E:/VIDEO_TS. There is one check mark in 01 2:27:36 48 AC3/6EN. In the Preview windo which is black with green lettering: directory not found: E:/VIDEO_TS [OSUtillo[WString]]. Audeo subtitles Settings. I uncheck Spanish & French on the left box. A message pops up with sound “OH NO”. Creationof DVD files was not sucessful. Directory not found E:/VIDEO_TS. Details OSUtillo[WString]TCE. The Clone DVD option does the same thing. I have a Dell w/Windows XP Home Edition. I also have Nero 6 Ultra Edition and Roxeo Creator 7. I can view the DVD from the same E: Drive with Power DVD 6. Hope you can help me.
Thank you,
Joe Pecoraro (Bronx, NY)

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