Any DVD and Clone DVD Final Destination3 DVD Copy Problem!

Hey Slysoft:

Final Destination3 is not able to be copied by Clone DVD once decrypted with Any DVD! It completes the copy with errors and does not play the movie right! Yes I have it before it is released got a friend who works at the Movie Gallery store and they rented it but I can not copy it right! I hope that you can fix this problem!

Thank you,


I do not think people will help you when you are trying to make a copy of a rented movie since that is against the rules you have to have a legal purchased copy not rental copy.

I think it would be more accurate to state that “you” aren’t able to copy your rented movie, and most likely has nothing to do with the software used.

Maybe CloneDVD detects the fact that you don’t own that particular movie?..

i agree that we cannot help him, but that is no reason to spread misinformation. spreading information like that is pretty much against everything that cdfreaks is here for (ie to correctly inform and help people with problems)

@ the OP: copy programs are not biased against rentals and do not detect lack of ownership. In some countries rentals may have different copy protection that retail discs, but in the US this is not the case (not sure where you’re from). that being said, we are not able to help you copy your rented movie as per forum rules.