Any DVD and 1 Click Problems

I’m probably doing something blatently dumb but I just can’t figure this out.

I have the latest versions of 1 Click and AnyDvd. My fox is in the task bar, I load up the DVD, it even plays! I stop it playing and open up 1 Click. It tells me about its compression etc. and then pops up with the “DVD is encrypted etc…” Well I know that, that is why I have AnyDVD. Why wont these two programs talk to each other?

I also tried DVD43 and that keeps causing ‘access errors’ and wont work either.

I have uninstalled, re-booted, and reloaded every combination of these programs and still nothing. Before I beat my machine to a pulp, can anyone help??

i just had the same problem. Even though anydvd said it was on, the video said that it was encrypted. I went to 1clickdvdcopy website and downloaded the latest version ( and then it worked perfectly. I hope it works for you. :flower:

Unfortunately I’m already running that version and its still not working!


Reselect your source and destination drives in 1Click’s options. Also, if you have any vestiges of DVD43 left on your machine they can screw up AnyDVD.

I too have the same problem but I’m using 1Click Pro on windows XP64 and AMD pro 64 bit dual core processor. I can’t get AnyDVD to decrypt the DVD. 1Click gives me the same message. Any one else have ideas??

Are you folks using Norton Internet security??? I had the exact same problem with a new PC that had a trial version of Norton internet security pre-installed on it. After uninstalling it and loading McAfee Products there are know further problems!

Jogger7, in your case you should uninstall dvd43 and then search your harddrive for any instances of dvd43 and delete any found. Then I would suggest usinga registry cleaning program and reinstall ANYDVD over top of it self and see if that helps.

Good luck!

Waht type DVD burner are you using?

I use an NEC 3550A and to go to NEC’s website to update my burner drivers before it would work with 1Click

I had the exact same problem and I know the answer. I farted around for ages and then read in the fine print somewhere that any sort of spyware can cause this. I ran SpySweeper and “voila”, works great! The 2 programs now like each other.

Hope this helps. :iagree:

Go into AnyDVD “Settings” and uncheck “Safe Mode” under the “Program” tab. This will solve your problem. :slight_smile: