Any dvd /l over previous vers. problem?

I downloaded last night the latest version of Any Dvd overtop the last version and it is not loading in the Task Bar nor when I click on the Icon is it working.
This has never happened before and I don’t know what to do???
I just tried a fresh new d/l again and it did not make a difference.

I really need to get the program working the prior version was not a problem at all.
I even inserted my floppy with my licence key on it and it made no difference. i would really appreciate suggestions.
Thankyou for your time.

BTW, I do the usual Reboot. And I was suspicious that it was not going to work as I did not get the “Drive” message that usually appears on the Window after the Reboot.

The software techie at the office said that I should submit this correction to my thread. He did the d/l last night for me and the version that I had on this notebook was and Not the prior version.

Since I have 3 other Toshiba notebooks that are getting more use than this particular one I did not have the last version installed.
I should say even inserting my licence key did not help the matter.

I have NAV 2007 on the notebook per work requirements (just installed a couple of days ago) and so the Techie shut it all down and removed the non-functioning (via the uninstaller) as the version would not even work with a reboot.

He then tried a reinstall of the with NAV 2007 turned off and it still would not work.

He then went back to my " set up folder " that I keep on my desktop and retreived and installed the with the NAV 2007 turned off. There was no issue and the AnyDVD is working fine???

The NAV 2007 as I mentioned has only been on the notebook for a week as it was not a priority notebook to get the expired version replaced.

The version is functioning, however I am wondering why the latest version will not d/l overtop of this version.

I would appreciate comments, thankyou.

does NAV monitor installs and running of programs
if so you must give NAV permission to let these programs run

A similar problem occurs with the new Zone Alarm

I am surprised your ""office techie “” didn’t pick up on that :wink:

BTW someone quoting themselves!! :confused:
that’s a first :bigsmile:

The problem is obviously with your system or another program interfereing with AnyDVD. You are the only person reporting this, try installing with your anti virus and firewall off. You wouldn’t be using the same liscense key on all three notebooks would you.

The other notebooks don’t get used for backups and don’t have AnyDVD installed , they are brand new Toshiba Vista OS that Management purchased and they are doing the job well and without glitches, thx to our well qualified software tech.

This Toshiba notebook that I am using to do backups is a year old, xpsp2 and has the licence for AnyDVD and Clone DVD that I printed out and also stored the key for them on a floppy. There is no one sharing my key as has been implied.

This is the only notebook being used for backups now. It is my personal hobby.

My colleagues have given up the backup of dvd’s and are now into using the Hauppauge units to backup their video library instead (out of frustration)and so they had the Software tech here at the Office remove AnyDVD as they don’t use it on the stored Toshiba xpsp2 models. I am the only one using the program.

Those notebooks like mine are in locked storage and have corporate security installed on them b/c of our profession. The last version that I installed was and that was installed when NAV 2006 was on the notebook and the computer was checked over by our Tech and went into storage.
I just took it out of storage yesterday and the Tech installed the NAV 2007 days ago and tried to d/l the latest version of AnyDVD with NAV 2007 disabled and there was no success. So he tried, using the Uninstall and a Reg Clean, NAV 2007 disabled, clean install, keeping the Registration and doing a Reboot and he got the same results as me and so he reinstalled the from the setup that is stored in a folder on my desktop and it works fine.

Our new Vista Toshibas are the ones used for work purposes and these others that are in storage are in the event that we need one in an emergency and our software tech is responsible for insuring that they are ready and updated for operation, even though they are Toshiba xpsp2 models.

There have been no updates to any of our operating programs or changes to security except for the NAV 2007 and that was disabled on mine when we attempted the install as mentioned earlier.

I am thinking about buying a Toshiba that still has xpsp2 on it for $1,700 here from our supplier and see if that notebook will work with AnyDVD.
A pricey way to go if I can’t find a solution. Then the purchase of Any DVD and Clone DVD again.
BTW, all of my colleagues here in the workplace have the bank books that paid for their keys and licences when the programs were used by them.
Previously, it was implied that we were sharing our keys!! LOL, so much for the integrity of accountants if we are in such financial dire straits that we have to do that!!!
Thankyou for your time.

BTW, yes a HJT was done and checked by our Tech and 2 others from the consultants offices that are affiliated with us.