Any dvd 5956 & 1 click dvd problem

:a What the Dily I just downloaded the latest version of any dvd 5956 and just like a few days ago with the last download I get an error 1 message: this DVD is encrypted. I checked that just in case the "safe mode was off and still I get the same message. Can any one please help??? I’m wondering if the download was completely “SAFE”??? :confused:

What dvd was it?

Narnia which I copied at least 3 times already.

I just now tried to download the version again and reboot at end just like last time and I don’t know yet but it may have worked.Fingers crossed…

Try a movie only copy and also try cleaning the disc, you can get an encrypted error with a dirty disc. The other thing is , have you uninstalled Nero with Neros clean tool lately? That will also make anydvd not recognize your drive, all you have to do is reinstall AnyDVD.

Thanks for interest but I only have Nero Express 6 edition - all the while Ive been using 1 click dvd for easy back-up. Besides I have to use what I’ve already paid for-Ya Know. :cool:

I have exactly the same issue with those programs. I had no problems until I upgraded AnyDVD to 5956 at which point I couldn’t get the program to even load anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled 5953 but I now get that same error message for any title I put in. the fox gets red and AnyDVD reads the DVD title but 1Click returns that “DVD is encrypted” message.

I reloaded DVDDecrypter and ran it and it worked flawlessly if slowly. Tried to contact AnyDVD tech support only to discover that they have NO phone support and a 2-day email turnaround. That’s just NOT acceptable for a tiny little program you have PAID for but can’t use, IMHO.

mikeyman, you never said if you ever fixed the problem. Did downloading another copy and reinstalling it resolve the problem?