I didn’t know where to post this. I posted awhile back as I was reluctant to install this version and was contented to continue usage of as it worked for me.
The issue that concerned me was the quality bar not working as had been indicated when the new versio came out and this was in respect of Clone dvd
However a member posted and said there were no problems and just go ahead and install it.
Well it works and then off and on i get the irritating “oh no” and now inspite of the fact that I check the “About” in my verson and am told it is version I am getting the irritating message that version is ready for install.
The office tech did the install and knows that it is the and he did the surfing and found the qulaity bar issue amongst others listed regarding the program.
Now I see by posts that there is a vers

Is this true and if it is what problems does this fix or I should say what problems does this vers, potentially have.

I would appreciate experienced comments and can’t understand why I keep getting a task bar reminder to install when it is already installed.

Me>>>>> :rolleyes: :confused: I hope that all of my queries can be addressed.

I read this also somewhere yesterday. There was a response and answer. Ill have to see if I can find it again. K :slight_smile:

New Version AnyDVD, 2006 02 03

  • New: “Settec ALPHA-DVD protection” as found on “Mr. and Mrs.
    Smith” R2 (German) or “Old Boy - Final Edition” R3 (Korea)
    can now be copied with Drag and Drop in Windows explorer or with
    the copy command from the command prompt.
  • New: Added information about disc size and layer break position
    to the information window
  • New: Automatic language setting will now load brazilian portuguese,
    if the user locale is set to Portuguese (Brazil) in the regional
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

doesn’t seem like it would hurt to update. I updated when this version was made available and haven’t had any issues like you described…then again I didn’t have any issues with previous versions either

just go to and you can see it for yourself… :wink: