Any dvd 4562

please forgive me if this question sounds stupid. I have been using dvd x copy platinum and i would like to switch to any dvd 4562. i have downloaded their free copy, and cannot get it to work. do i need to run this program in conjunction with another program in order for it to work? please help :confused: thanks

It runs in the back ground. Strips out copy protection when you insert a dvd to run inconjunction with a transcoding program ie Clonedvd2 , DVD Shrink etc… Does that help?

That that mean i need to download clone dvd run that and then open any dvd? thanks

again i’m sorry for for being an idiot but i think i’m going to need detailed instructions. can u direct me to a site? :confused: :confused: :confused: thanks

If the Fox head by your clock in lower right corner is red then that’s all you need to do. It will turn grey and then back to red when you insert a dvd or cd then run your transcoding software.

the fox head is not turning grey and back to red. what am i doing wrong? thanks

When you put a dvd in the Fox head never changes colors? Here’s the Anydvd Forum maybe you can find all your answers there >

why not try some freeware first? Look for dvd shrink and dvd decryptor. you can download them at

If you want i can send you a simple guide…Dont get me wrong there are different advantages to anydvd and clone dvd as well but since you are starting out you may want to try something free just incase it is not what you specificly like. The biggest thing is gonna be good media

hope this help


AnyDVD runs in the background on your desktop - so when you insert a DVD movie - it strips the CSS encoding (takes about 10-15 seconds) and then you start your ripping/burning programing to then copy the movie - after you insert the movie DVD-

There isn’t anything you have to do with AnyDVD to remove the encryption on a movie-


I use DVD shrink myself and it is for sure kickbutt freeware. However, if you put the anyDVD fox in your toolbar and CloneDVD on your desktop you’ll find this marrige as easy to live with as it gets. The two work together as one, in conjunction and perfectly, an almost “error proff” combo in my young “newbie” opinion anyways.

thanks to all that answered. i got it working last night. i’ve been a member for a day and already i’m loving this site. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Glad to have helped - especially when the requester listens-