Any divx experts out there please

bought an lg dr175 today

its says it has divx playback , yet when i put a divx dvd into it it says it cannot read it

instructions say i need to select movie files before playing it but i cant get to that menu without having the dvd in the drive .

i used nero back up to copy it to dvd from my pc hdd , couldnt find a burn dvd divx option ,

i thought id just have to insert the disc and off i go , might buy a sony next

any ideas …or any websites that offer easy user guides to divx files


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What you have to do is create a [B]data disc[/B] within Nero and create your compilation and then burn ensuring that the disc is closed/finalised & that you don’t use multi-session.

Also a CD-R, CD-RW , DVD+R, DVD-R & DVD-RW should be OK but there is often a problem with DVD+RW media.

so nero will write the downloaded file as a data file ?

which option is this , just the write data disc ?

i dont use dvd+ rw or r

also the lg buzzes … is this normal with modern dvd players as its very annoying , ive got an old sony and its as quite as a mouse

Depending what version & whether you use Burning Rom , something like DVD-ROM ISO, or Express DVD & Data .

you also have to remember…some dvd players have trouble playing divx beyond version 6…check in gspot to see what version divx was used to encode that avi file…5.3 is best

There are some DivX encoding options that standalone players will choke on, such as quarter pixel (Qpel), Global Motion Compensation (GMC), and packed bitstream.

You can run the problem file through MPEG4 Modifier and see whether any of these options have been used…

very true

Most downloaded avi files seem to be in Xvid which doesn’t seem to cause any issues.

what and where isgspot?

Gspot is a little app that’ll give you details about the avi video file such as the codecs used, quality , aspect ratio etc.

A google search finds it easily enough but it’s here anyway.