Any difference tween song converters?

any opinions or personal experience with the many drm convert programs like ‘wmaconvert’ or ‘muvaudio2’, or ‘tunebite’
i downloaded trial versions of wmaconvert and muvaudio3, they seem similar and are pretty close in price
i test converted wma to mp3
some of the muvaudio2 songs have some skips but they’re always right where there is a ‘trial version’ message, so i think it might be part of that.
i didn’t see any evaluations here on cd freaks

Do a google search for ‘FairUse4WM’. Also, this forum is for discussing CD copy protections, not audio file DRM.

Hi bbxrider,
It may be worth checking out the Audio DRM sub-forum, that is part of the Audio section. There’s lots of info on those programs, particularly Tunebite that could be helpful :slight_smile:

I think you are a bit confused my friend :slight_smile:
When you are saying CD copy protections, you include DRM in it also, cause DRM is a protection after all.

And about FairUse4WM, mine doesn’t work anymore, honestly don’t know why.
So please try to be accurate, especially with the new people posting here.

And bbxrider, as far as this forum discussion shows, Tunebite seems to be the most popular converter, most reliable tool in this area.

But WMA is not CD. WMA’s DRM is not CD copy protection.

You are right about that, but I was trying to make a general point about protections, should have written it in other form :frowning:
Anyway, this forum is not all about CD protections, but all other protections aswell