Any difference between Mitsubishi/Verbatim made in Singapore vs. Taiwan?

Hi, I’m a n00b around here and I have to say after reading around here, I am getting slightly more enlightened about not buying cheap media (failed burns with Ricoh D01)

So my question is this. I’m thinking of buying lots of Mitsubishi 16x DVD+R but it is made in Taiwan rather than in Singapore per Mitsubishi 2.4x DVD+R DL. Should I go looking for the ones made in Singapore because there is a quality difference between made in Taiwan and Singapore.

Thanks in advance!

No, made in singapore is double layer disks only, which i’d suggest buying only if the size is an issue(8.5gb for dl, single layer is 4.7). Made in Taiwan single layers should be fine.

Verbatim discs made in Singapore are made in Mitsubishi’s own plants whilst those made in Taiwan are made either by CMC Magnetics or Prodisc under license. If you have a choice, buy the discs made in Singapore. [However, those made in Taiwan are still of good quality.]

All DL media from verbatim will most likely be made in Singapore, if not, do not buy them.

As for single layer, MIT is mostly what you’ll find. Those should be fine.

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I don’t think you’ll ever find yourself in a situation where you can choose between Made in Taiwan and Made in Singapore for the same Verbatim media.

Verbatim single layer DVD±R is currently manufactured in Taiwan and in India, while double layer DVD±R media is currently manufactured in Singapore and India.

In the European market there is also Verbatim single layer DVD±R media Made in Japan (by Taiyo Yuden) but that is not available in e.g. North America.

Verbatim DL DVD±R Made in Singapore is excellent. Verbatim DL DVD±R Made in India is much more recent, and there aren’t enough reports to really say how good and consistent it is yet.

People have different experiences as to which country of origin is best for the single layer DVD±R media, although there are probably more people preferring the Made in Taiwan versions.

To simplify:

There is no Singapore-made single-layer Verbatim media on the general market anymore. The only people who could get their hands on it would be a medium or large business with some sort of special contract. Verbatim does not produce single-layer media in Singapore for regular consumers anymore. So, your only choice is between Taiwan and India. Most prefer Taiwan, but some say that India is also decent.


Anymore. That’s the point. With some luck, one can find some old stock (8x media) SL MIS. I have some HP branded MCC003 MIS in my media collection. And these discs were really cheap :smiley:


Thanks all for the fast response and help. I’ll go for the made in Taiwan 16x DVD+R ones.

BTW, this is a great informative site - hope to participate when I’m less of a n00b!

How this DVD’s (Verbatim MIJ) in compare to Verbatim MIT ?

i just got a hundred of this discs (verbatim MIJ)

Tnx :slight_smile:


Well, the MIJ are made by Taiyo Yuden, the MIT and MII are made for Verbatim with MCC MID. So they are hard to compare.
But make your own mind, since TYG03 and T03 are well known quality media, and there are lots of posts about them :wink:


Depending on speed , Verbatim MIJ are only sold in Europe and are made by TY .
16X MIT Verbatim is better than 16X MIJ Verbatim (TYG03 or T03) , while Verbatim MIJ 8X DVD+R is the famous TY T02 which is considered by most members here to be the best SL DVD media ever made :slight_smile:

The TYs under the Verbatim brand are considered by some to be of lesser quality and consistency than unbranded TYs or TYs found under the Sony, Panasonic, or Plextor brands. In other words, for some reason, the Verbatim TYs seem to be a bit crappier than other TYs, and definitely not on par with MIT Verbatim.

All the MIJ Verbs I’ve seen are certainly decent…not likely to let you down. Really worse than MIT ones? I dunno.

Anyway our friend with ‘hundreds’ really shouldn’t worry about them…they’ll do fine.

I currently use Verbatim 16x+Rs MIT (MCC04) and Sony branded TY 8x+Rs MIJ (T02)

tnx all :slight_smile:

i hope this MIJ Verbatim will be fine… ( i have 50 DVD-R and 50 DVD+R)

when i will burn some of them i will post the scan result on the right place :slight_smile:

Does this mean that Verbatim no longer makes their best media available to the public? :eek:

I’m about to place a large order for -R 8x or 16x Silver Inkjet Printable and have spent about seven hours today reading old threads here on the pros/cons of TY Vs. Verbatim.

Seems TYs strength is in their dye and manufacturing consistancy, while bonding and longevity could possibly be an issue. (But none of my GO1’s or GO2’s show any sign of bonding issues or data deterioration; my G03’s have no bonding problems either but are too new to judge longer-term data integrity.)

Many Verbatims available NOW show an alarming increase with inconsistancy from batch-to-batch and a general decline in burn quality compared to a year or two… but their bonding is still good. Looks like more people with Sammy SATA 203B’s are having problems getting nice burns with recent Verbs than with current Ty’s.

At this point I’m more interested in consistant dye batches and burn quality no matter which lot I end up with. Don’t want to ‘play detective’ in tracking down the last great batches of Verbatims. Would rather know the disc MID I buy TODAY performs as well as it did a few years ago – regardless of where it was manufactured. All my 4 YO Fuji G01’s show no sign of readability or bonding issues, and all I need is a media I can depend on for that long – because I make periodic backups of them to new discs and HDD.

There are only a few members here that seem radically against TY discs, while the majority of members have a great respect for both TY and Verbs. I really was interested in trying out some verbs this time but batch consistancy and very good writing performance from the vast majority of the stock available TODAY make me once again lean in the direction of TYG02. Reading the possibility that Verbatim withholds the best media runs from the general public helped seal the deal. :frowning:

It’s not that they [Verbatim-MKM-MCC] are really withholding the best media from the public; they just can’t support all the demand for their media in their own Singapore plant, and, thus, it got outsourced to CMC, Prodisc, and Moser Baer India. Many people still have great luck with discs produced by all 3. The only write-once discs that Verbatim still churns out from Singpore, as you read, is their DL, and even they are having to outsource that because of the [apparently low] production capabilities. However, there is some inconsistency, but that’s not saying that the discs will be trash–not by a long shot. I can’t say that buying from a reputable dealer known to carry only premium Verbatim will guarantee your happiness, but it will give you a good chance of avoiding a coaster.

For overspeeding, most drives only have the best of luck with Taiyo Yuden. But that does NOT mean that you won’t have good luck with Mitsubishi-Verbatim media. I have heard few, if any, longevity issues with either maker, really. It’s really up to personal opinion & if you plan to overspeed or not. Maybe try out a few of each, if possible. If not, buying premium Taiyo Yuden should leave you safe.

To be fair on the SH-S203B issue: the drive seems to love Taiyo Yuden, while MCC isn’t that hot with it. Comparably, the LG GSA-H55x series can only really do Taiyo Yuden at 20x with acceptable results. The same generally hold true for the Lite-On LH-20Axy/BenQ DW20xx series.

Thanks for the additional info. :wink:

I don’t plan to overspeed or do any strat swaps, so will only burn at the MID’s rated or proven optimal lower speed. The top priority here is to find a very consistant brand, MID and write strat that work well together.

I choose Taiyo Yuden for consistency, strategies, etc. I don’t recall any drive [other than 1 of the LG series] having a poor strategy for TY. Most drives that can burn worth a penny burn this media the best.

However, with the various origins of MCC comes minute differences in production of the physical discs which can result in different results between the origins and between drives. [1 series may burn CMC-made discs better, while another may cope with Prodisc-made discs better. I’ve had that happen with MCC 03RG20, although the quality of each still ranged from very good to excellent, depending on speed.] That might make it a bit harder to ensure that you have the exact same readability between batches and drives.

Thanks again for your thoughts. :bow: