Any Difference between FW 9L02 and 9L03 for LH-20A1S?

Can anybody clarify the difference between fw 9L02 and 9L03 for the LiteOn 20A1S? As far as I can tell, they’re the same with the exception that 9L03 is for Taiwan and 9L02 appears to be for the western regions. On both the US and the Taiwanese LiteOn IT sites, March 07 is given as the release date for both. I currently have 9L02 as most other owners appear to on here. The 9L03 has been mentioned in another thread, but I haven’t come across any scans with it.



9L02 is 798KB vs. 800KB for 9L03, so they’re definitely not the same, but 9L03 is newer despite the date you saw.