Any diff in connection for ND-2500A



I got my burner yesterday, installed it internally, flashed with OEM V107 firmware, and checked speed using DVDInfoPro. Everything looked good.
Did not burn, but then removed the DVD drive and put it into my external USB 2.0/Firewire drive enclosure.

Firewire seemed to be locking up using DVDdecrypter, so I switched over to USB.

Decrypted and burned Disk 6 of Jeremiah - Season 1 for a test, and all worked well. Took 10 minutes approximately to burn the ISO image (3.9 GB).

My question is this:
Does the type of connection (IDE internal, USB, Firewire) make any difference on speed of rip/burn?

Also, as a newbie to flashing firmware, can I flash the firmware of the ND-2500A while it is not internally installed to my computer? as from USB??


Intel P4 2.8 GHz
20 gb primary HDD
80 gb secondary HDD
NEC ND-2500A
Windows XP Home
Nero 6.1.6


Welcome to the forum!
The drive should burn at the correct speeds using all connection types (IDE/USB/Firewire). However, many people have reported problems when using their burner externally. It all depends on the type of USB cradle you have and the system you are using it with.

Yes you can flash your drive via USB. If you encounter a problem, you can always temporarily install the drive internally and then flash from there.


thanks for the info.

Now, which version of the bitsetting should I use?
I have downloaded V107beta5, but I see that there is a DL v2 firmware out.

I don’t plan on using the burner for DL, so should I stick with the beta 5?


Herries’ 107v2b5 already has dual layer support!
I would suggest watching the forum closely and installing Herries’ latest firmware each time he releases one.
New releases always have improvements. :wink:


Sometimes I wish I didn’t use laptops. I have a 2500A that will not work as a external firewire but does work as USB. On the other side of the picture I have a BenQ 822A that does not work as a USB with the latest firmware but does work as Firewire.

Speed on USB can be a real problem depending on the ChipSet used in the case for IDE-to-usb conversion. I know that NEC and InSystems work great and that the Cypress is more than likely the worst !!!