Any definitive answers on how to reformat the HDRW720 hard drive

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and thanks even more if you have a solution. :slight_smile:
There are a few previous questions on this forum regarding hard disk problems with the HDRW720 but none provide a clear and precise solution to reformatting & repairing the drive. :rolleyes: :confused:
My hard drive packed in after the unit was turned off at the power socket by mistake. I want to repair the damage and reformat the drive. I have a USB ATA drive caddy and I can see the drive in the Disk Manager (in the Computer Management Program) on my laptops windows vista.
Presently having had no better solutions shown here, I’ve had to resort to formatting it as NTSC (the only option available in the disk manager). I still don’t know if this will work - i.e. if the unit will recognise the drive and boot properly.

So PLEASE :sad: if there is anyone out there who has successfully repaired/reformatted their Philips HDRW720 drive - please make a reply and tell me how you did it.
Thanks again.

OK, not sure but this may help someone so I’m going to post it and you can check it out.

Too late for me as my hard disk is now 90% reformated.

BUT you might want to try this program I’ve found which apparently can recover a disk from RAW (which is the ‘filetype’ showing up on my disk manager)
here is the link: from a company called Zero Assumtion Company (ZAR)
So you might like to try this before you reformat.