Any deals on cd-rs this weekend?

See a lot of dvd stuff but not too many cd-r

staples has sony cd-r music 30pk i think made in japan @staples …heard it could be TY media???

Nice, I’ll check that out. Hopefully on sale. I’m down with Ritek made cd-rs too, not quite as nice burns but better rep for durability (according to what I’ve heard here)

The consistent best CD-Rs can be regularly obtained for US$27 shipped for 100 :

Staples has Sony CD-R 50pks, CD-RW 25pk, and CD-R Audio 30 pks on sale this weekend for 8.94 each. Or this is alittle better than Newegg:

Do you know if those Sonys are TY & does the sale start on Sunday?

As I said on another thread, yes, the red music CD-R 30-pack spindle is made in Japan and TY. Grab it. Best Buy and Walgreens have it too. The yellow (not music) CD-R 50-pack spindle that I see is made in Malaysia, but some people reported that they saw it made in Japan and TY. The sale starts on Sunday.

Uh, except that $9 for 30 of them is more expensive than the TY branded TY CD-Rs at newegg or the link the other person posted.

Of course if you need the special audio media for a standalone burner, then that is probably a good buy.

You can look here to see what is going to be on sale next week. Click the media tab.

The 100 pack of HP at Office Max for $15 is as good as it gets. These are usually CMC and they are better than they used to be. I get high quality burns at 24X.

I had seen at Sam, Maxwell blank CD MIJ, I dont burn cd so you have to check that out

thanx for the link to this killer site & to everyone for their help & suggestions

Well all the regular Sonys at Staples were either made in Taiwan or made in India, & I needed a cheap spindle asap so I bought the Taiwanese ones :rolleyes: Between the two I think I made the right choice though