Any .daa File Converters?



I got a .daa image, anyone know of any converters or somthing I could use to convert it to any other type of image iso, mds, bin etc.



From the looks of it:



Here is a link to poweriso website

Free unregistered versions will allow you to evaluate the software for free to determine if it suits your needs. Click “Download” to download and install the software.

The unregistered version will display a dialog prompts you to register, and you can not create or edit image files greater than 300MB with the unregistered version.

Click for free trial


Yet another image file extension ? this is nuts, if these programs were free (legaly) it would be different. All these extensions and they are all doing the same thing. Why on earth would I use .daa and not good old .iso ? whats the difference?


Using .daa format allows more compression.

:cool: :cool:


How much more compression ? Enough to justify going out and buying yet another CD burning program? I think this wheel has been reinvented enough times allready. With the storage capacity that we have at our disposal nowdays why is anybody concerned with compression of all things ? What these software companys should be doing is making a program that brings together all these image and compression types.


i wonder if you could help me? i have a few iso images of games like, civilisationVI, battlefield2, etc. i have the full registered version of poweriso, but dont know exactly how to use it. i tried mounting the iso to the virtual drive, but when i double click the virtual drive, lots of different files appear. can you PLEASE tell me how to mount these iso images so i can play these games? THANK YOU


Your threads have been locked and you continue to post for help on this? That’s not smart.


I can’t see any reason for so many different file formats either. :disagree:
I am sure they are creating new ones and then putting up the files for us to download just so we have to buy another software converter. :a
It’s getting harder all the time to get by with low cost shareware or freeware.
Oh well, I guess everyone has to make a bit of money, but all I ever seem to do is pay it out. :iagree:
I have only found one daa file converter and I guess I am gunna be the next suckka to buy it.

You find it at
and it costs $29.95 USD

If anyone has any other options, post them here!

Good Luck


Simply don’t support it.
If the technology is not supported it will eventually fall by the wayside.
No one is forcing anyone to buy PowerISO.
I, for one, will not support it. I have ignored every .DAA file that I have encountered for this reason. I already own UltraISO and ISOBuster and have no intention of supporting PowerISO.

Similarly, I will not buy, own or use any device that supports DRM.


All the freeware programs I’ve downloaded that were large enough to warrant an entire disk image have all been standard iso files.

ISO = International Standards Organisation.
Iso is the defacto standard for disk images.

Discussion of downloading any NON-legal disc images is strictly forbidden by the forums rules … which if you have posted, you have also agreed to abide by when you got your username.


The bigest problem some are having is keeping all their burning software legal none of this software is free unless your a linux user and its getting harder and harder to keep up with all the different formats and extensions.


If your looking to simply view the file download vlc media player. It plays the few Daa. files i have.



Download DAA2ISO 0.1.6


To the two responders did you happen to glance at the last posted date was like over 3 years ago…and they haven’t responded?