Any comments on these scans?

I would appreciate some knowledgeable comments. I’m new to the DL stuff and to these graphs as a whole. Normally the SL DVD+R play without any issue.

I’ve attached hopefully in order scans of

Infiniti Ritek D01 - BENQ 1620 B7T9
Stutters around 4min 5min 1hour10

Infiniti Ritek D01 - BENQ 1620 B7K9
Stutters at forgotten!

Infiniti Ritek D01 - BENQ 1620 B7M9
Stutters at 2hours 4mins for 30secs of frozen

Vertibam MKM 001 - BENQ 1620 B7M9
5mins reverses to menu (no other noticeable)

Infiniti Ritek D01 - NEC 3520 1.04
Froze at 2hours approx

Those results look pretty consistent the 1620 doesn’t do Ritek DVD+R DL very well [though whether thats because of the Ritek disc quality or firmware tuning required is debateable] only MKM seem to come out fine [though you probably should have wrote that with B7P9 or B7T9 as MKM can be written at 4x so some attention was focused on that media by BenQ’s engineers], there was a thread a while back with a Ricoh & Ritek DVD+R DL tested and that didn’t fair to well either.

B7P9 - good point, to be honest after the T9 poor performance on the Riteks I went for the 1620 firmware.

Its an expensive game this,
I mean the RitekD01 are £3.50 a piece, the vertibams are £6 a piece. I just dont understand why the vertibam had a read problem when the chart is as it is. The riteks show a problem invariably where the peak error blocks are.

And thanks for the link. Interesting.

B7P9 with MKM media seems to be a good choice.
A very important question: What burning software have you used for DL writing and what kind of authoring/editing preceeded the burn?
(Actually it was two important questions :bigsmile: )

Burning software in order.

Nero 6.0.x.x
TMPGEnc Author writing software
TMPGEnc Author writing software (cos Nero decided to hang on the first vertibam grrrrrr)

I’ve heard Nero might cause problems so upgraded it, and then tried TMPGenc. With all the combinations, I wish I could buy 50 dvds DL to test, but $$$$ :slight_smile:

I’ve heard some problems with Nero and DL burning, but can’t find now. They said that is OK, or there is some dll file that can be downloaded to correct the problem.
Maybe you should make an image file first and then burn it with latest DVD Decrypter. Don’t forget to let it calculate the optimal position for Layer Break (Tools/Settings/ISO Write).

Me too! :bigsmile: