Any Clue

48 hrs ago I purchased the DVD Region+CSS FREE…I was told it might help with Backing up Freedomland…However I had to do a System Restore on my PC…Now when I go back into trying this Program it keeps telling me my free trial has expired. Which is fine because i just spent the money for my subscription to it. Now its telling me Im expired again., …ANY ONE got a clue what to do?

Let us clarify a few things first: which wersion did you download, where did you buy the product, to whom did you pay and where did you get the key from.

Basically, if your key is fine, you should use it again after reinstalling.

I bought the program from i used my credit card to pay for the program…I have the Key and everything yets its still not recognizing me as paying…I click on the desk icon and it says my free trial has expired.then ill click the link that says enter register code…i do that with the code i believe is right. it says program will restart and never does?

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The good news is that you bought from the legitimate seller so you are entitled to a legitimate key.

The bad news is that I do not know what happened. I only have Fab Express. There I had to doble klick on the key I received as attachement and it did the authorization for me.

Sounds like the auto registration link is not working right. You may need to C&P the key that comes attached to the email. I think you click on the [B][?][/B] which is on right of the top tool bar of DVD Region+CSS FREE. If you cannot get it to work manually, you can request a new key. The key is very long so don’t try to type it in; C&P it to avoid mistakes.


ask them to resend the key. Uninstall the program completely, even remove the program’s folder from c: program files. Then run a registry cleaner. Reinstall the program from scratch and enter the key. This might do the trick.

Yes, i agree. Perhaps you won’t need the reg cleaner, but frequently it’s essential. I use and recommend regseeker. It’s free, reliable and safe - as cleaners go.

Also send for your new reg key here:

Thanks Posse everything is up and running !!! Good Looking out to eveyone out there Peace…