Any clever people to help me!

:confused: :confused: i am trying to backup my uk info discs 1 and 2 …disc one is fine ,it installs correctly.disc 2 is showing all files but will not run when i insert it ,when im asked to when i launch the program !!!badly neede advice for this beginner

Sounds like either disc 2 burnt badly or there is some copy protection on it. What program, drive and speed did you use?

Use ClonyXXL to scan disc 2. If it finds some copy protection then use either CloneCD, Alcohol 120% or Blindwrite with the right profile. Alcohol has them included. CloneCD profiles you can download off this forum.

If Clony says there is no copy protection or unknown copy protection then I would suggest trying again but at a lower read and write speed, say 4x.

Hope this helps.