Any chance to let ConvertXtoDVD use other encoders?

Would be nice in future releases of this amazing program to let users pick their own encoders or use the built in engine, i would love using my CCE app with ConvertXtoDVD.

Any chance?

Hi there,

Only 1 person compared CCE with the new conversion engine (in High Quality).

Have you compared both ?

And what is your opinion ?

To tell you the truth, im using DivxToDVD 1.99.20 because i heard (and ive done some reading) that the new version has some bugs with heb subs, so im waiting.

I used this program quite few times and i always get much less in size (instead of 4.5GB i get 3±GB) for a 2-3 hours of a movie which their original format are XVID (target size is on the default DVD-5).

I must admit, the quality (even for such way off size) is quite good, but there’s a difference if using with CCE.

Hi there,

Latest unreleased version is v2.0.4.104 which has fixed those subtitles issues.

You will love v2.00 compared to v1.99 with the menu features and the new High Quality Settings !

Keep us posted is you try Hebrew subtitles !

Thanks, i downloaded it and gave it a shot with converting a 45 minutes episode in XVID, and talking about pure quality, there’s a big difference between CCE and ConvertXtoDVD, CCE is much better.

Both programs took about the same time to encode (aprox 29-30 minutes), i used 1 pass CBR with CCE and with ConvertXtoDVD i used High Quality/Slow Encoding, and im sorry to say that CCE is much better in terms of quality.

Didn’t try the hebrew subs yet, did tried English ones… but would be nice to have an option to tell ConvertXtoDVD to turn on the subs im putting in by default (instead of choosing to turn the subs on with the player).

Im hoping that ConvertXtoDVD will have much better encoding quality, or to let people choose which encoders they want to use.

Still optimistic, this program has lots of potential, i like it a lot.