Any chance this rebadged writer is a 1640? (Staples black friday deal)

You guys are the experts on these things so I figured I’d turn the info loose over here.

I’m not sure how to tell if the drive can be crossflased to a 1640, but at $20 after rebates this could be the best deal yet on one of those (if its in fact a 1640…I’m getting my hopes up haha)

here’s the pic form the ad:

and here’s a link i got trying to research it on videohelp:
all that really does is prove it’s a benq. i’m not really sure how to compare the specs to determine if it’s a comparable drive

so what do you guys think?

Too bad Hawaii doesn’t have a STAPLES if that is a REBADGED BENQ 1640! :slight_smile:
The specs look like the BENQ 1640. The drive isn’t even listed on the DIGITAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY website! :wink:

Not all of their drives are OEM BenQ … I’d carefully inspect the box to see what it looks like before buying.

The 16x drive says it’s a Philips/BenQ. Although the specs look like the 1620.

How can one tell just by looking at the box? The specs?

Correct, the specs and pictures can be wrong, and different drives will be at different stores. The only way to be sure is with the drive in your hands.

so what’s the best way to tell what it is short of opening the box? or is that even possible?

i’ve read so much about updating and crossflashing firmware on this forum, i wouldn’t even know what to look for in a basic 1640. like someone said in another forum though, for $20 it’s not that much of a risk.

Just pray that it isn’t a BTC drive.

If the drive does turn out to be a rebaged BenQ1640 and I crossflash to BSMB. Will the drive have all the features of the 1640? ie - scanning capabilities in cd/dvdspeed, overburning +R media …

Yes it will!!!

i looked @ drive. first off the security tape on box says i/o magic. that wouldn’t have been too bad a while ago (since i/o magic used benqs). now i/o magic is using btc’s. second, (not that it may matter that much) the picture on box is of a btc drive. it has that oblong (rounded) eject button, where as the benq eject button is a perfect rectangle. i know i’m probably not gonna be @ staples first thing friday morn. but i may try and get this drive. if it is a btc it goes back.

sorry for multi post. if u really want a 1640, you can get that @ compusa for $29.00 ar. its the hi-val model. i can confirm that its a benq 1640. picked one up 2 weeks ago when they we sellin them for $30.00. only thing is the one i got was beige. been reported tho that some boxes have both face plates.

we had this discussion last year about the 1620. this thread told the specs on the outside of the box. I do remember it was a smaller box

so you can’t tell by looking at the box if it is a 1640 or not?

so did any of you guys find out for sure if this drive is BenQ or not?

I’m new to this forum and wanted some inputs on this digital research drive…am not so knowledgable that I can tell by looking at the drive if its good or not or if its BenQ or not! Managed to get this drive from staples on BF but still havent opened it!

Is it worth it? or shoudl I return it and get something else which is reliable???

i bought the drive. its a btc. very easy way to tell. there should be a white sticker on box with drive info. if it has some kinda “a089” type number then its a btc. thats the firmware rev of btc drive. i would return it and get the hi-val which is a benq1640.

Instead of breaking the IOMagic sticker on the top, try opening the box up from the bottom, since they’re just flaps that are tucked in. I didn’t try this with a Digital Research box, which mine came out to be a BTC drive (now returned), but worked with an actual IOMagic box. This way, you can almost immediately check at the store. Someone actually reported getting a LiteOn 1693S in the Digital Research box, so there’s no identification on the box itself. However, if your box does have the serial number on the outside and it starts with a P, it’s a BTC also.

I got the Hi-Val from CUSA and it’s indeed a 1640, though no black bezel, and BenQ responded to my email saying that they don’t offer it to the end customer as a purchase either.

hmm…so when I opened the box, the dvd writer thats inside does not match the one thats shwon on the box!!

It has a small I/O Magic sticker on it on top of the base sticker.
The base sticker has a small box which sasy ‘FC’ and has Lite-on IT SOHW-1693S written on it.
The serial number starts wuth 4805*********
Model is SOHW-1693S03C

So is this lite-on inside digital research box? Like KTL mentioned…1693S?

This may be a trivial question for you guys so pls pardon my ignorance…Im totally new to this.

sounds like it :slight_smile:

you got lucky. :eek: so the model is right on the box!

The Digital Research Drive I got from Staples on Black Friday in Salt Lake City
was a Liteon 1693S. Couldn’t tell by anything on the box. Figured I’d open it
and if it was a BTC I would return it. Seems to be a good drive, far better than any of their previous drives. Until now I was not happy with liteon drives
except their older CD burners, which were always the best. :stuck_out_tongue: