Any burnners that will work with a PIII 550

Any help would be appreciated:
I have an IBM aptiva PIII 550 mhz. Are there any burnners that will work with this little power?
The dim are 5.75x1.63x8 in. (wxhxd) for the cd burnner that it would replace.
I have 196 mb of ram-could go to 256. HD is 40 gig
Just want to use it to copy-nothing fancy.

Need about 14GB of HD space to work with DVD movies. This PC should work if you use 4X speed and shut down all other applications prior to burning.

Thanx-Do you have any recommendations

My NEC3500 is cheap and gives excellent burns. I’ve seen the NEC 3520 on sale for around $50. Check out NewEgg or equivalent.

The burner should work, the encoding will be slower. When they list the minimum specs on the box, that is usually for encoding. I’ve seen burners work on boxes with less specs.

If you live in the US, Frys runs a bare bones 'puter with lindows for about $200 or less. Put Windows on it and it would make a lot better burning/encoding 'puter than the one you have. The one you have will probably take 3 or 4 hours to shrink some movies, but will do the job.

Thanks to all for the info. I was going to get a new machine from X Technology-about 5 hun-but just don’t have the coin right now. I figure if I can get by for 50 or 75 bucks that will do for now.

3 hours to shrink? My 600 MHz PIII can shrink a 2 hr movie at 20% compression in about 28 min. I use AnyDVD and Nero Recode. It will also burn up to 14X.