Any burning programs similar to nero?

I used nero for awhile, then it started burning coasters for me (verified this by using a different software), so i’ve stopped and refuse to use it…

The other software I used sucks too.

I’m looking for something SIMILAR to nero where you can choose whaty ou want, and drag and drop files and playlists and stuff…

Does it exist?

There are many general mastering programs with similarities to nero. Some of the better known examples are Roxio’s Easy Media Creator, Sonic’s Record Now and Padus’ Discjuggler (arguably the best of all but with the highest learning curve) but there a number of others.

You can also use nero to create ISO files, and then burn ISOs with ImgBurn

Nero itself is unlikely to be the cause of your problems. It’s burning engine is generally quite OK & hasn’t caused me any issues.

Coasters are more likely to be caused by your system set up - DMA not being enabled being the prime example - or by using poor quality media or your burner giving up.

You could let us know what burner you use, it’s firmware version & the Media ID of your media. Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , disc info tab will give us all that. If you use Nero’s InfoTool also & post the log from that we’l have all we need to help you.

I’ve already narrowed it down to a software problem :wink:

I burned the same exact album at the same exact burning speed with the same exact media. The nero-burned album was very flawed. The other burned album was 100% perfect with not a skip. Problem is, the other software I used wasn’t very feature rich, and had limited burning capabilities…

I’ve also used WMP10 to burn a music album that was 100% perfect, where as nero’s caused skips.

Oh, and at first I thought it was my burner, so I bought a new one, and had the same exact problem.

Switching softwares fixed that. I’m looking for a new software that is similar to nero in it’s features and what it can do…

As I suggested prevuously, you can still use all features of nero, but instead of burning you can create ISO files and then burn these ISOs with imgburn.

If you want to give a try to a wizard (yes, you can drag and drop), you may try SwiftDisc

The new software by the people who made “Record Now” is now called “Ones” (aka Prassi Ones) and can be found at - you can get a 30-day trial version there.