Any blank media testing software available?

There are plenty software to test written CD / DVD media. What I can’t seem to find is an application which can test a blank media disc.

I buy spindle packs, and very occasionally there is a bad disc in the pack. I’m just wondering if it is possible to test a blank disc before burning to avoid wasted time trying to burn. Or even to test the DVD writer to make sure it is still working ok and not on it’s way out, as I recently discovered that my DVD writer (Philips) died after refusing to burn discs, altho’ it could still read CD’s. (Got a Pioneer now :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think qsuite that comes and only works with Benq drives tests the media for suitable burn speed prior to use. The software is free but you will have to buy a suitable drive.
I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for?

I had a quick look at this, and one of the tools sounds like what I’m looking for.


DVD media come in various brands and printings on the market. For most consumers, it ¡s really difficult to tell good discs from bad ones, and which brand will best suit their over-speed and high-speed (12x~16x) burning requirements.

By measuring TE/FE signal on blank DVD media, QScan is able to tell the disc quality by clear graphic description. It also probes the highest disc speed (might exceeds claimed speed) the supported by BenQ DVD ReWriter.

Now if only there is a similar tool for general DVD writers, and not just BenQ :rolleyes:

TE/FE can be measured with Plextor burners and PlexTools too…
I think DVDScan from LiteOn supports TE/FE tests with recent LiteOn DVD burners too.


As [B]kg_evilboy[/B] has stated above, both the other preferred choices of scanning drives also support the FE/TE testing with the correct software so if you have any of the 3, you can run the test if you wish.

Unfortunately I have a Pioneer DVD writer, and Plextools appears to be for Plextor products and DVDScan for Lite-On drives. If I’m mistaken …

Yes, Pioneer is not supported. :frowning:
So if you want to try TE/FE scans, you need to get another scanning burner.

Actually TE/FE testing needs some time too.
The only DVD burners that have a self test mode are (real, not relabels) Plextor.

There are only two ways to test blank media with consumer drives without actually burning something to the disc.

The first way is to perform a Write Simulation test, which will go through the motions of burning something to the disc but with the laser power turned down so that nothing actually gets written. If a Write Simulation fails or if it reduces the speed during the burn, then that tells you that the results will be bad or that you won’t be able to burn the disc at full speed.

If a Write Simulation succeeds however, there’s no guarantee that a real burn will be good. So it only enables you to detect problems - it doesn’t guarantee success.

On most drives only CD-R and DVD-R/RW can be used for Write Simulation, while DVD+R/RW cannot. Some BenQ and Plextor drives also support Write Simulation on DVD+R/RW media.

The second way of testing blank media is the TE/FE (a.k.a. FE/TE) testing which you can read about in this thread:

Tracking Error (TE) and Focus Error (FE) testing