Any better daily backup programs?

Hi All

I’m trying HandyBackup, and it seems pretty good:
Does anyone have any opinions? Are there better backup programs?

Never used HandyBackup so I have no opinions on it.

Basically if a program backs up all the files that you need and then lets you restore them it is a good backup program. I don’y know what else you need it to do?

Personally I use QuickSync together with my Zip drive. It works and it gives me a seperate copy on a disk just in case something happens to my hard drive.

Doing a quick search came up with this link. It tests a number of different backup progams. Have a read and see if it helps.

hey zebn…

I also use iomega backup to backup stuff every night for me …also what operating system are you using and how big is the data your backing up ?? that could help

if your using windows xp I like there backup program included …