Any benefit to crossflash 1673s to 1693s?



Hi, I’ve noticed a few people on various forums have claimed that they’ve crossflashed their 1673s to 1693s firmware. I was just wondering what (if any) advantage this might produce.


adding DVD-R DL support


Cool :). Do you know it’s safe and if it works (as in has anyone burnt a -R-DL and checked it really works?)


use the search function:

the crossflash is safe. you can flash with this firmware:

why would someone use -r9 instead of +r9? i wouldn’t do the crossflash.


My thoughts exactly. Still it’s useful info to file away for “future reference”, just in the off chance that -r9 eventually advances way more than +r9 and becomes the dominant DL media.


before this will happen, there will be some newer media types on the market and dvds won’t be interesting anymore.