Any benefit buying a 1608P2S/(110) over a 1608P2/(110D)?

ok guys, i’ve had a 451s LiteOn that’s been flashed to a 832S for a LONG time now. i also had an NEC 3540 for a while but lost that during Hurricane Katrina. well i’m ready to buy a new drive for one of my computers. I’m thinking of buying the Asus 1608P2 b/c it can be found for $39.99 shipped. but should i buy the 1608P2S for $42.00 Plus $5 shipping? is it worth the extra $7??? i figured i’d flash either of them when they come in anyway. having auto bitsetting is a must for me. also, i bought a bunch of DVD-RAM disk that i’ve been wanting to use to back up/archive data with. i’ve been fighting between getting a Benq, LG, 110/1608 and now that i know the 110D can be flashed to a 110, the 110D. so should i just be cheap and get the 1608P2 and save the $7 for some DVD’s or get the 1608P2S and just be happy that i know it’s a real 110?

P2 and P2S have the same hardware and can be crossflashed vice versa.
Get the one for 39.99 like etp did and crossflash to 8.57 maxrip or A10XL.

etp be happy/happy/happy

Look in the forums for posts on the 110 drive, Nullz has posted RAM utilities (drivers and such) modified to work with the 110!

I think chief meant to say “8.37 maxrip” :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess i’ll get the 1608P2/110D then. it’s only $39.99 at NewEgg whereas the 1608P2S/110 is $42.99 plus ~$5 shipping. i’ll save that for some dual layer media . thanks guys!