Any BD-R DL Burner Recommendations?




I would like to purchase my first BD-R burner. All I will be using it for is for BD-R DL burns/ripping. A family member has down syndrome and has already scratched up few of my precious blu-rays. :sad:

At this point, will any major brand-name be fine? The Lite-On/LG’s seem to have great prices. It is rumored that around black friday the Asus BD burner will have $40 mail in rebate. Have not heard much talk about the Asus burner here however.

Appreciate any advice.

Thank You.


The Asus is a Lite-on clone I believe. Other than that, I don’t have much help for you, since I don’t burn DL blu ray.

Any idea which brand of media you’ll be using? DL BD-R is still fairly pricey, at $5-10 a pop.


I will be using Verbatim BD-R DL media exclusively. Friend of mine is coming back from Japan in few weeks and said authentic ones sell for roughly $4 USD per disk there, so he will pick up quite a few for me. :c)

Thank you for your feedback Kerry. Hopefully others can chip in also.