Any automatic SUP-SRT method yet?

Hi, I’m just posting my annual question in hopes that some bright day there’ll be a positive answer to this thing :stuck_out_tongue:

So, is there a process yet which would enable one to deal with subtitle manipulation without having to go through manual OCR gibberish and lots of “l” to “I” errors ?

(crosses fingers) :bigsmile:

“l” to “I” errors don’t show up in Suprib 1.50B4 anymore. Of course you can always use idx/sub to skip OCR problems altogether.

See my point ? An year just went by since my first post above and still the same old crap (yes, including 1.50b4 or any other version of SubRip).

Any OCR software out there nowadays that manages to bypass this problem ?

Spending my afternoons manually correcting OCR errors just doesn’t cut it :doh:

Yeah, I was too optimistic. It depends on the source sub’s font quality whether Subrib 1.50B4 recognizes the difference between “l” to “I”. Curiously enough both Vobsub and my standalone display those chars correctly i.e. both look the same anyway so you only notice the difference when looking at the file in notepad. Which may be the case why it still hasn’t been fixed, btw.

Don’t suppose you’ve seen DVDSubEdit?


I’ve been using it for a while to do subtitle adjustments (love it), but the OCR function suffers from the same troubles as other programs I’ve tested so far.

I guess current OCR software’s just too limited.

For the time being, I’ll keep using fonts which display “I” and “l” as the same regardless of what letter is actually there (Arial, etc). Lame, but it does the trick.

It’s displayed for 2 seconds and all you need to do is read it, no?

Still, I can understand your desire for perfection.


Subtitle extraction/conversion in general leaves a lot to be desired. Since I started experimenting with AutoGK rather than DVD Shrink backups of my series DVDs I’ve run into several problems all of which require a lot of manual work. I’d love to see a tool that would scan a DVD to list all sub streams with checkboxes to mark which to extract to idx/sub or srt and which also could be used with scripting.

Apparently everyone else thinks it’s ‘good enough’ so I wouldn’t expect improvements anytime soon.