Any authoring s/w with text menus?

I am looking for some cheap DVD authoring software where you can create a menu WITHOUT thumbnails of the video titles in the menu. I just want a simple line of text to describe the video titles in the menu.

This is for music DVD titles - I want to write the titles to say 15 songs in a list (just like they are on a commercial music DVD in fact!) without pesky thumbnails getting in the way and forcing new pages…

I use Nero 7 Ultra normally but that wont do what I want here…

Can any of these do it?

Pinnicle Liquid 6
Pinnicle Studio 10
Premiere Pro
Premiere Elements 3
Roxio Videowave
Sonic MyDVD Studio
Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4
Ulead DVD Workshop 2
Ulead VideoStudio 9

At least one in your list doesn’t qualify as cheap…Premiere Pro is more than a little pricey.

The authoring program I use is DVDLab Pro, and it can certainly do this particular job for you. At $250 for the basic authoring tool, it isn’t dirt cheap either, but there is a fully functional trial available if you want to test it. And the help file that is included is first rate.

But it seems to me that what you are trying to do can be accomplished with most any basic authoring tool. Have you looked at a couple of free tools like DVDStyler or GUIforDVDAuthor?

No I hadn’t heard of those free tools but I will surely check them out now…

Many thanks.

TMPGEnc DVD Author does a great job with menus with or without text or pic boxes etc. Not very expensive (about US$70 I think) but they have a free 30 day trial version.