Any Analyse Software (dvd)

Hi does anyone know of some software that checks the DVD video that I have burnt to the DVD disc.

Although the software says its burn successfully sometimes it has faults

Any suggestions?

Try nero’s free program- Cdspeed

The simple quick check is anaysis with DVD Shrink. The transfer rate test form CDSpeed would be the next level. The last would be a disc quality test with CDSpeed (Liteon and BenQ only, others are less reliable).

The first takes seconds, the second takes a few minutes, the last takes 15-20 minutes. Both transfer rate and quality scan do different things so many people use both. DVD Shrink anaysis will catch CRC errors and some readability problems and gross burn screw-ups.

Cheers for that, the only problem was on a couple of DVDs I have done Nero on full Read tests said that all blocks were good, but when you tried to play the DVD it did not work on my stand alone DVD player or PC. The same went for DVD shrink although the deep analysis works but don’t no if I want to wait that long. LOL.

If I play the movie on the DVD player and place it on fast forward do you think this reads the sectors enough to see if they are faulty? Presumable if it finishes the movie part should be okay?

Cheers though

Your problem may be elsewhere. List your media ID, burner, player, and burning software. Checking for sector errors won’t help with playability issues. Transfer rate is much quicker than fast forward, but fast forward is a minimal test.

DVD media: Datawrite Red (V3)
DVD-Drive: NEC ND-6500A
Player: Power DVD
Burning software: VSO Built into DVDFAB Plat

I also have Nero ultra 6 latest and Nero Digital latest as well, but not InCD or any of the rest.

I have got a problem recently when I take the DVD out I find that it still displays that it’s in there but obviously its not. Tried reinstalling windows and I only have Nero and DVDFAB Plat, but it seems to still be doing it?

Any ideas


Datawrite Red :eek:…load the disc into CD-DVD Speed, and post the Media ID - Datawrite discs can have all sorts of MIDs, some not so good. Given that the media is Datawrite, a media issue is a real possibility.

sorry about this my DVD drive is unaccessable aparently so i guess its a hardware problem, i hate this notebook. lol.

sorry to waste ur time, but since as when i used nero it the chapter was fine and then i used DVDFAB it did not, but the hard drive version of DVDFAB is the same as when i burnt it to the media, so i guess it must not be the media.

any ideas?


No need to be sorry, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Try to run infotool (you can find latest version here) and see if it is able to retrieve info on your burner.

D. Red - yeah, now it’s clear why we see “red”…