Any Advice to Prevent My CDs to Shatter?

Though it has never happened to me personally, with the growing reports of CDs shattering in high speed optical drives is starting to make me paranoid. Besides what I have reported below, I have like 2 CD-ROMS operating at 52x and 56x, another DVD-ROM at 16x, and another CD-RW at 48x12x48x. I always use a lot cheap CDs, and I’m sorta scared of them shattering.

What I’d like to know is, does anyone have any tips for me to help prevent this. Not the obvious, like use better CDs and etc, I mean like some programs or something like dat.

Nero Drive Speed will let you manually set the maximum read speed of a drive.

The overall structural integrity and recorded quality of CDR discs is better than the typical pressed disc. The greatest hazard is from a sloppily manufactured pressed disc with characteristics that can lead to unbalanced rotation. A disc like this, especially one that has been heavily used in a variety of readers, might have minute cracks starting at the spindle hole that could eventually lead to failure at high reading speeds.

Some CDRs with uncentered labels might also shatter, and I had a couple discs come out of high-speed readers with cracks in the middle, look out for those.
I’d recommend 32x or lesser, even though 40x should be safe.

Stay away from cracked or damaged discs.

Don’t insert them into the drive.

If you still have to insert them, use Drive Speed to set a low speed like 16x or so & then read the contents.

Exactly. 32-40x is for good discs. For cracked discs, I’d go even lower if it’s really necessary to read them and just read them at 4-8x. It never hurts to be safe.

Just get some Safety Glasses:bigsmile:

Well I think I’ll use Drive Speed and set it to 40x. I’ve had tons of CD-ROMs, usually the 48x, 52x, or 56x. And I’ve “killed” one of each on the same machine, a P3 533 Mhz, Intel 810E Chipset, 512 MB, 10 GB HDD, WinXP Home pc. Every other machine has the primary reader at 40x, since they all use 16x/40x DVD-ROMs.

Speaking of which, could it be that that system above is partially responsible for those “deaths.” I mean 3 CD-ROMs in 2 years, that’s a lil much isn’t it? They usually signal their death by not detecting the CDs anymore. It could be the CD-ROMs, so now I’m installing a 48x16x48x writer on it, definitely putting a limit on. Btw, I don’t overclock, and I’ve made sure my FSB and voltages and at proper settings.

So what y’all think bout this?