Any advice on new (second) monitor

hey everybody hows it going i have a question maybe someone could help me with im thinking about getting a secondary monitor for my computer. i would like to get a lcd flat screen i would also like it to be bigger than the monitor i have now so my question is how much bigger can i go before it starts to mess with the resolution between the two if it will at all. i also am wondering i recently got a new hdtv and it has a hdmi port on it if i got the cables to go from my computer to my tv would that work as a monitor and how good would the resolution be on it

Well make sure you configure the graphics card so it will display the images on the second monitor. As hooking you HDTV to your pc via hdmi. I whouldn’t reccomend it. S-VIDEO is clear and much simpler to hook up. If I remember right you have to buy a lot of compents to hook it up. It isn’t as simple as S-video. You cant just hook it up with out some. Problems. You got to find out if your HDMI is a male or a female and buy coverters and extra cables. It is kinda funky. So if you have a s-video slot on your hd. Just buy a Monster (brand) s-video cable. Thats what I use and I haven’t had any probelms with it. If you are looking into playing games on that HD. You probably whould have to buy a new graphics card that could support that the HD has. If you are looking for movies. You should just buy a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player.

sale. Sony, NEC, ViewSonic Depends how much you are willing to pay for what brand of monitor you are looking for and what size, as rule of thumb you can buy 20" monitor for $200-$250 depending on or Samsung are reliable and quality brand for LCD monitor.