Any advice on Media for DMR-E55 Panny Plz

Hi All

I have had my panny DMR-E55 for 1-2 years and cant believe at the time I paid £220 for it and its now £80 in Richer Sounds :frowning:

Anyway I am based in Manchester in the UK and normally I buy my DVD-R(4x) on Ebay.

However over a period of time my panny has been rejecting the media. Either comes up with message UNSUPPORT/NO READ etc.

Now I have read that low cost media does not go well with my product which is fine.

I am in the process of looking for some DVD-R (I think my machine can only record if its 1x-4x).

So I have had a brief glance at but can not see any DVD-R that you would not class as low quality.

Can anyone please advice me what kind of brand media I should be looking to buy for my Panny DMR-E55 that has a speed of 1X-4X. I would appreciate anyones thoughts or experiences thanks.

Sorry for the long message and cheers.

I’m sure my Nan has an E55, and I’ve used Ritek G05 (8x) discs fine on it, although these aren’t to be recommended at all. My recommendation is this. They’re Taiyo Yuden, so should work fine.

Hi :slight_smile:

You haven’t looked hard enough at SVP. :wink: They have genuine Verbatim, unbranded Taiyo Yuden, TDK, and Plextor media, all good and reliable media (with the expection of 16X -R TDK IMO).

Now your problem is that you need true multispeed media for your 1X-4X recorder. What I’ve used for long with excellent results @1X in my own standalone recorder are the Verbatim 8X -R (MCC 02RG20), but these are extremely difficult to find now. :frowning:

The 16X -R Verbs (MCC 03RG20) are very speed-tolerant too, you can give these a try. A friend of mine has good results in his E55 with the TDK-branded 8X -R TTG02, but I see these aren’t available anymore at SVP either.

Another possibility is to check at Panasonic if there is a firmware upgrade for you recorder, which would probably allow the use of most 16X media with acceptable results. Who knows.

If all fails, use this trick if you have a good PC burner: record to RW on your E55, then rip and burn on your PC. :cool:

Thanks for the reply chaps.

I have a Panny E55. I love it.

I have found that slower rated media works much better (4x and under). But this is getting much more difficult to fine.

TYG02 Taiyo Yuden media has always performed well though even though its 8x media. So i’d go with that.


What do you mean by this please?

he 16X -R Verbs (MCC 03RG20) are very speed-tolerant too

This may explain that when i record on to some dvds and watch them on another player on occasion their is a little slow down in the play it is minute but noticeable.

Do you think its worth purchasing them? The verbatim silver top ones are only £12 for 50 which seems fine to me.

I am currentley stuck at home with 100 blank dvd media that my machine wont read

By speed-tolerant, what Francksoy meant was that the discs record well at multiple speeds, not just at a single speed such as 16x. Personally, I would consider the Verbatims as a good purchase, but I would wait for other users input before making a decision.

K thanks for the input mate much appreciated.

Well i purchased but no joy either still comes up no read etc. So thinking next step is to contact them and see how much it will cost for them to look at it.
Panasonic Printable (8x) DVD-R

I think you’d better contact Panasonic - sounds like you’r E55 isn’t working.

Well it reads normaly dvd’s movies that i have purchased and reads myy dvd cleaner. /I have emailed panasonic and see what they have to say. Thanks